Yamaha announce ‘magic’ multi-room smart self-playing piano

Disklavier ENSPIRE is something else!

by Mark Hodgkinson Jul 7, 2016 at 6:10 PM

  • Launched in 2015, Yamaha’s MusicCast is almost certainly the most flexible multiroom audio system on the market.
    Based on a unique architecture, it connects all the Yamaha components in the house and with 35 products in the line-up, it is definitely the most extensive. Yamaha isn’t just going to leave it there, of course, and at IFA 2016 the Company will be – their words, not ours - ‘revolutionising the smart home.’

    Yamaha is presenting, and we kid you not, the world’s first multi-room piano. The Disklavier ENSPIRE offers completely new ways of enjoying music. In case you didn’t know, Yamaha has been involved with the manufacture of pianos for more than 100 years so we guess it’s a natural – if surprising – step. It will surprise nobody, however, that the ENSPIRE is the first multi-room player piano in the world.

    It connects to Yamaha MusicCast audio components throughout the house, turning every room into a concert hall. What’s more, it has some ground-breaking entertainment functions: for example, the Yamaha Disklavier Radio streaming service allows the self-playing function with Internet content to become your own personal pianist. Content for this is provided by Yamaha artists from all music genres such as Jamie Cullum, Sarah McLachlan and more. The instrument has 500 stored songs that can be called up directly using the app. Other songs are available to download from Yamaha MusicSoft.

    Disklavier Radio, says Yamaha, gives the instrument access to an almost infinite range of titles: thousands of songs – whether pure piano pieces or songs with vocal or instrumental accompaniment – are available to stream directly – kind of the ultimate in Karaoke!

    The songs for the Disklavier ENSPIRE are divided up completely automatically between instrument data and audio: the piano plays the acoustic part, and all other instruments and vocals are reproduced either by the speakers on the instrument (in grand piano models) or by a connected stereo system. If MusicCast multi-room is used to play back music in another room where the acoustic sound of the Disklavier ENSPIRE cannot be heard, the digital sound of a Yamaha CFX concert grand is used.

    All Disklavier ENSPIRE PRO grand pianos (from 1.86m in length) are able to record your own piano playing internally using eight-bit MIDI resolution (1,024 steps). DSP servo drives on the ends of the keys set the whole mechanism in motion: the hammers hit the strings and create the acoustic sound, meaning the piano sounds exactly the way the artist played it.

    At its heart, the Disklavier ENSPIRE is a professional acoustic instrument that offers digital functions that can be controlled easily by the app via smartphone or tablet. The Disklavier ENSPIRE is available in various models, from upright piano to concert grand.

    As you can imagine, this kind of technology doesn’t come cheap with prices starting at €17,160.00.

    More here: http://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical-instruments/keyboards/disklaviers/

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