Yamaha 2018 MusicCast Speaker, Soundbar & AV Receiver Range

New products, new tech and a sprinkling of voice control

by hodg100 Apr 25, 2018 at 9:12 AM

  • Yamaha has introduced a new family of MusicCast products, including streaming speakers, sound bars and a wireless subwoofer.
    Yamaha says its gone back to the drawing board to create all of the new MusicCast products, beginning with the MusicCast 20 which is a compact streaming speaker device with a four speaker design. Its circular design features, alarm and favourite 1,2,3 buttons so it can be used without the MusicCast app; its available in a black or white finish.

    A true stereo speaker now heads up Yamaha’s wireless speaker range, the MusicCast 50 is a low profile oval design featuring dual aluminium woofers & dual horn tweeters to deliver a wide hi-fi sound. With analogue and digital inputs on board its equipped to be used in a number of different scenarios. Alarm & favourite 1,2,3 buttons are also featured and, it too, is available in black or white finishes.

    Two new sound bars join the MusicCast line up. The MusicCast Bar 40 & MusicCast Bar 400 both feature 6 speakers to create an immersive music or home cinema system. Both sound bars feature a brushed black aluminium and rounded finish. The MusicCast Bar 40 comes as a single unit which can be wall mounted, if you choose, while the MusicCast Bar 400 is a two unit system which includes a wireless subwoofer

    For the first time a wireless MusicCast subwoofer can be used to enhance new MusicCast products, the MusicCast Sub 100 comes in high quality gloss black or gloss white finishes. It uses an 8” forward firing bass driver which can be installed in a number of different MusicCast set ups. It can be used with a MusicCast 20, 50, Bar 40 or even RX-Vx85 AV Receivers.

    The new RX-Vx85 series AV receivers feature new tech in the shape of MusicCast Surround which allows for the MusicCast 20 and 50 speakers to be used as wireless rears with all of this years MusicCast RX-Vx85 AVR’s. Amazon Alexa is also on board – she’s everywhere -with Alexa voice control integration, all you have to do is say “Alexa, ask MusicCast to play favourite 1 in the kitchen”.

    Note the frequent use of the word ‘tentative’ in the following prices!

    MusicCast 20 – ETA Sept 2018 – Tentative SRP £229.95
    MusicCast 50 – ETA Sept 2018 – Tentative SRP £499.95
    MusicCast Bar 40 – ETA Sept 2018 – Tentative SRP £499.95
    MusicCast Bar 400 – ETA Sept 2018 – Tentative SRP £599.95
    MusicCast Sub 100 – ETA Sept 2018 – Tentative SRP £499.95
    RX-V485 - ETA June 2018 – Tentative SRP £449.95
    RX-V585 – ETA June 2018 – Tentative SRP £549.95
    RX-V685 – ETA July 2018 – Tentative SRP £649.95
    RX-S602 – ETA June 2018 – Tentative SRP £599.95

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