Yamaha 2016 RXV Receivers Announced

Springing in to action with Bluetooth, MusicCast and immersive audio

by hodg100 Mar 29, 2016 at 8:01 AM

  • Yamaha has officially announced the latest range of RXV AV Receivers to arrive in 2016, dubbed the ‘RXV81 series’.
    The new models will be shipping as soon as early April and each receiver this year will be Bluetooth capable and compatible with the latest HDCP 2.2 protection as well as featuring 4k/60p pass-through, HDR, BT.2020 pass-through and every networked model featuring Yamaha’s multi-room system – MusicCast.

    The RX-V381 kicks off the line-up as a 5.1 AV Receiver with all the usual features like auto speaker calibration and Yamaha’s original technology like Extra Bass and CinemaDSP. The RX-V481 5.2 AV Receiver comes next with networking support and MusicCast!. All of the inputs and sources the RX-V481 has can be streamed across your home network to other MusicCast products like wireless speakers, soundbars, micro systems or even your HiFi If you already own a Bluetooth speaker or pair of Bluetooth headphones you could also use these in the same way so they can be used within your multi-room network easily. The RX-V481D will also be available as an alternative model to the RX-V481 but with DAB radio included on board.

    The RX-V581 7.2 AV Receiver is where things get really interesting, for the first time on a mid-range Yamaha AV Receiver there will be support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X on board. Yamaha has had a long history in using height or presence speakers so using ceiling speakers or up-firing speakers is a natural step for them. The biggest benefit about using a Yamaha AV Receiver with Atmos on board is that you can use the CinemaDSP modes to a high level with extra speakers so all the content you listen to that isn’t in Atmos or DTS:X can be utilised as well.

    Looking to the RX-V681 7.2ch AV Receiver, it’s here we see a hint of some of the higher end features you might find on Yamaha’s RX-A models but at a more affordable price. This time you can expect to see a more flexible Zone 2, which can intelligently switch between an Atmos setup and a set of external speakers based on what you’re listening to. There’s also an MM phono stage on board which means with MusicCast you can distribute your favourite records all over your home network with just a few taps of an app

    At the top of the line-up sits the RX-V781 7.2ch AV Receiver, with a 2nd HDMI output for a projector/TV setup and a full aluminium front panel, this is the highest quality RX-V money can buy without going into high end Yamaha AVENTAGE AV Receivers. The YPAO auto calibration is a higher level here with upgraded multi-point measurement and an increased power rating over the RX-V681. There’s upgraded components inside and, says Yamaha, a much more refined sound quality here thanks to the overall improved build quality.

    Pricing and approximate availability as below:
    RX-V381 - £349.95 – Early April 2016
    RX-V481 - £399.95 – Early May 2016
    RX-V481D - £449.95 – Late May 2016
    RX-V581 - £499.95 – Late May 2016
    RX-V681 - £599.95 – Late June 2016
    RX-V781 - £699.95 – Late June 2016

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