What tech gift(s) are you getting your kid(s) for Christmas?

UK Parents set to shell out £3 billion on tech pressies for the kids

by hodg100 Nov 29, 2013 at 10:34 AM

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    What tech gift(s) are you getting your kid(s) for Christmas?
    British parents will spend a colossal £3 billion on tech presents for their kids this Christmas, a survey by USwitch reveals.
    More than eight in ten parents will spend £243 on electronic gadgets for their children, which is a around Nexus 7 price territory, but 16% will £400, or more, so clearly some have PS4’s and Xbox One’s on their lists for Santa.

    Not surprisingly, the most-wanted electronic gift this year are tablets, with 24% of parents about to spend on a slate. Video games are just behind that, with 17% of parents putting it on the shopping list, whilst one in ten will be getting their little ones a smartphone.

    Digital cameras (12%), E-readers (11%) and smartwatches (6%) are also popular choices but only 5% of children would make do with a plain old 2G mobile phone. The kids of today, etc!

    Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch.com, said: “Many families are preparing for a tech-tastic Christmas this year, with many kids demanding the latest gadgets whatever their age. For many this will mean that the pressure is on to juggle Christmas wish lists with household budgets.
    Tablets are most wanted
    The survey also found that over a third of parents (36%) expect to spend on more gadgets for their offspring next year, once the credit card bills are paid off.

    What tech gifts does your little treasure want this Christmas? Please leave your comments below.

    Source: uSwitch

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