What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021

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by Andy Bassett
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What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021

October sees the usual array of family-friendly spooky goings on (Disney+) coupled with genuine horror and chills (Amazon Prime) as Halloween gets its annual foot in the door for video streaming services and content providers to go thematically darker.

Updated 28-Sep-2021 - Amazon Prime Video: Infinite (1st Oct)

Updated 28-Sep-2021 - Apple TV+: Get Rolling with Otis S1 (8th Oct) - Puppy Place S1 (15th Oct)

Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Disney presents not one but two Halloween specials linked to its popular IPs. First up is LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales which riffs on Darth Vader’s castle as a haunted house while Muppet’s Haunted Manion also doesn’t stray too far from the tried and tested, scary… but not too scary formula.

Elsewhere, after its relative success on Premier Access back in July, Black Widow now comes to Disney+ subscribers everywhere as the big blockbuster movie for the month, though we guess Scarlett won’t be watching! 

Amazon’s tasty autumn menu includes a new selection of specially curated chillers from the Welcome to the Blumhouse recipe book with four new tales to make you choke back the fear.  There's also a TV serialisation of I Know What You Did Last Summer... and it wasn't getting a suntan and drinking cider!

Apple TV+'s typically small but perfectly formed set of offerings runs from a Spanish language comedy series to a music documentary to a 'V' style alien invasion series, inventively called Invasion.

As ever, although we’ve tried to be as UK specific as possible, streaming dates can change, content can sometimes be territory specific and shows can even get pulled or added at the very last minute by the streamers themselves as they sort out scheduling or licensing issues.

We’ll keep updating the article as new content gets announced, so please check back.

Disney+ UK

1st October (Friday)

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales (2021, Disney+ Original Animated Special)

Following a crash landing on the volcanic planet of Mustafar, Poe Dameron and BB-8 happen upon the greedy and conniving Graballa the Hutt (aren’t they all?) who now owns Darth Vader’s old castle, turning it into an all-inclusive Sith-themed luxury hotel.

With time on his hands while his X-Wing is repaired, Dameron agree to a tour of the mysterious mansion led by Vader’s loyal servant Vaneé who shares three creepy stories linked to ancient artifacts and iconic villains from across all eras of Star Wars as they peruse the estate. However, Vaneé has a more sinister intent and is using the spooky tales to lure the unsuspecting pilot deeper into the bowels of the castle. It’s now up to Poe, BB-8 and young mechanic Dean to face their fears, stop an ancient evil from rising, and escape to make it back to their friends.

The voice cast includes Jake Green as Poe Dameron, Arrested Development’s Tony Hale as Vaneé and Christian Slater as Ren.

Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE! (2019, Disney Channel TV Special)

Specially recorded live version of the show that blends scripted family sitcom with improv scenarios suggested by the studio audience.

Red Tails (2012, Action, Drama, True Life, PG-13. Cuba Gooding Jr., David Oyelowo, Terrence Howard, Michael B. Jordan, Dir. Anthony Hemingway)

Italy, 1944: as the war takes its toll with increasing losses on Allied forces in Europe, a squadron of black pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen are finally given the chance to prove themselves in the sky - even as they battle discrimination on the ground. 

Inspired by the heroic exploits of the first all African-American aerial combat unit,' Red Tails', the characters in the film are fictional but are based on real individuals. A passion project for George Lucas, it would be the last film Lucasfilm released before being purchased by The Walt Disney Company nine months later.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975,  Comedy, Horror, Musical. Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O'Brien, Dir. Jim Sharman, Scr. Richard O'Brien, Jim Sharman)

Janet and Brad, a newly-engaged couple, have an auto breakdown in an isolated area and must seek shelter at the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-n-Furter, a self confessed ‘sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania’. Separately falling under his seductive spell, prudish, inexperienced Brad and Janet slowly begin to embrace the potent fascinations of sexual freedom.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on Disney+ UK in October 2021


King of Coke: Living the High Life (2013)

Follow the true-crime story of the multimillion-dollar yuppie drug ring run by a twenty-six year old Larry Lavin and two of his classmates in the 1980s. This programme looks at how he was able to create such a well-oiled network and what led to his eventual downfall.

Titanic: Case Closed: aka Titanic’s Final Mystery (2012, National Geographic Documentary)

Historian and author Tim Maltin, presents a revolutionary new examination of the Titanic’s ill-fated voyage and tragic final hours, pieced together with dramatic recreation, vivid computer generated images and a series of experiments that bring to life the unique conditions of the night that rendered Titanic doomed.

6th October (Wednesday) 

Black Widow (2021, Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour, Rachel Weisz, Dir. Cate Shortland) 

After the events which led to the schism between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War, Natasha Romanoff finds herself alone and on the run. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Romanoff must confront a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past and in doing so face up to her history as a spy, the broken relationships left in her wake and the sea of red in her leger. 

Among The Stars (2021, S1, Disney+ Original Docuseries, All 6 episodes available)

A six-part docuseries with fly on the wall access into the wider world of NASA, with cameras on Earth and in space, which follows NASA astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy in what may well be his last space mission. 

Chris and a dedicated team of  astronauts, engineers, and specialists are tasked with repairing the $2 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) aboard the International Space Station.

Filmed with the cooperation of space agencies around the world, the series uses interviews, video diaries and livestream footage to introduce us to a number of key members of the team aside from Cassidy, including; rookie NASA astronaut Drew Morgan; Emily Nelson the AMS flight director; and Professor Samuel Ting, Nobel Prize winner and AMS Inventor.  

Join Chris and the wider team on their risky missions to get the AMS back up and running for the benefit of mankind’s understanding of the origins of the universe.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2021, S4, Ep1-2 then weekly episodes, Disney Channel Animated Series)

Two Parisian teenagers, shy high-school student Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir through the use of magical jewels known as the Miraculous. Together they fight crime but all the while, the two struggle with their feelings for each other, not knowing each other's secret identities - Marinette is in love with Adrien but not Cat Noir, while Adrien is in love with Ladybug but not Marinette.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir S4 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

What We Do in the Shadows (2016-20, S1-2, FX Network Comedy Horror Series)

Based on Jemaine Clement’s 2014 mockumentary movie of the same name, What We Do in the Shadows sees three traditional vampires, Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja, plus energy vampire Colin Robinson and Guillermo, Nandor's familiar, struggle to keep up with the duties and responsibilities of everyday life as they reside in an apartment in Staten Island, New York.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
What We Do in the Shadows S1-2 are on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Vampirina (2020, S3 Ep1-5 - then 5 episodes per week, Disney+ Children’s Animated Series)

Having moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, Vampirina (Vee) and her family must learn to adjust to life as vampires in the city. Vee is the new kid in town and must face the trials, tribulations and joys of fitting in with her very human classmates while maintaining her individuality.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Vampirina S3 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021


Hip Hop Uncovered (2021 S1, 6-part FX Docuseries) 

The series looks at the influential players who were instrumental in connecting hip hop artists with street culture. Telling the story from the streets up, the series examines how they helped shape hip-hop culture from an expression of survival and defiance into one of music’s most dominant genres.

8th October (Friday) 

Muppets Haunted Mansion (2021, Disney+ Original TV Special)

The Great Gonzo – world famous daredevil artiste - has done it all, seen it all, and survived it all. But this Halloween, the fearless Gonzo takes on his toughest challenge yet as he prepares to spend one terrifying night in the spookiest place on Earth… The Haunted Mansion.

Inspired by the iconic Disney Haunted Mansion attractions at various Disney Parks, the brand-new special will feature a star-studded Muppets cast, celebrity cameos, all-new music and songs and plenty of frightening fun for families to enjoy together. 

Plans for a Halloween holiday special began decades ago in the early 90s but were postponed in favour of the Muppets Tonight TV show and the return to the big screen for a series of successful films. Now, however, the time is right and, although The Muppet Show had guests such as Alice Cooper and Vincent Price, this is the first time they’ve gone all out ghoulish for Halloween! 

Under Wraps (2021, Family, Comedy. Malachi Barton, Christian J. Simon, Sophia Hammons, Phil Wright, Dir. Alex Zamm)

Three 12-year-old friends, Marshall, Gilbert and Amy, accidentally revive an ancient mummy they discover in a neighbour's basement. At first terrified, they quickly learn that the mummy who they affectionately name 'Harold', is actually friendly and in dire need of assistance as he must return to his resting place before midnight on Halloween. However, they must stay one step ahead of a group of criminals intent on capturing Harold and selling him to the highest bidder. 

Remake of a 1997 film of the same name which was also the Disney Channel's first horror-themed television film.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Under Wraps is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Hidden Figures (2016, Drama, Period, True Life, PG. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner, Dir. Theodore Melfi)

In the early days of the US space program as NASA plays catch up to the Soviets, three female African-American mathematicians play a pivotal role in astronaut John Glenn’s launch into orbit. As talented ‘human computers' the trio quickly rise through the ranks alongside many of history's greatest minds to become indispensable to the programme. But the dedicated brilliance of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine G. Johnson also had to deal with the dual  degradation of racial and gender discrimination as they selflessly worked.

Logan (2017, Action, Drama, Fantasy, R. Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Dir. James Mangold)

In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. But Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his bloody legacy are up-ended when a young mutant named Laura crosses their path, pursued by dark forces. Goaded by Charles, Logan takes what might be his last opportunity for some kind of redemption and agrees to get Laura and her friends to safety. 

As swansongs to beloved characters go, they don’t come any better than this pitch perfect bloody, brutal and touching farewell. 

Mickey’s Tale of Two Witches (2021, Disney Junior TV Animated Special)

On Halloween, Mickey tells Pluto a story about two witches-in-training, Minnie the Wonderful and Daisy Doozy, who must pass four tests to graduate from the Witch Academy.

The Omen (1976, Horror, Drama, Mystery, R. Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, Harvey Stephens, Billie Whitelaw, Dir. Richard Donner)

American diplomat Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine are desperate for a child but when Katherine finally gives birth to a boy, Robert is told that the infant has died. The hospital chaplain urges Robert to secretly adopt an infant whose mother has just died in childbirth and he agrees without telling Katherine that the child is not their own. They name him Damien and the secretive arrangement heralds the start of a series of mysterious events and violent deaths that occur around the family as the child grows, pointing to the fact that Damien is much more than he appears..

The Omen scored celebrated composer Jerry Goldsmith his only Oscar for Best Original Score.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
The Omen is on Disney+ UK in October 2021


Mission Pluto (2015, National Geographic Documentary)

Pluto's extraordinary story from discovery to revelation: 85 years of mystery and intrigue are examined with the help of the NASA spacecraft New Horizons which was launched in 2006 to investigate the furthest object from the sun in our solar system. 

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Mission Pluto is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Naked Molerat: Nature’s Weirdest Superhero (2018, National Geographic Documentary)

The naked molerat is an evolutionary marvel; it can survive on extremely low oxygen levels, lives to a very old age, never gets sick, and is practically impervious to pain. Scientists want to know why. It did fall out of the fugly tree though!

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Naked Molerat is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

The Phantom Cat (2012, National Geographic Documentary)

The jaguar, the third largest feline in the world, is one of South America's most beautiful and iconic animals. But it is rarely seen, let alone filmed. This program is the very first in-depth portrayal of wild jaguars - an unprecedented look at their hunting, mating and family life. 

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
The Phantom Cat is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

13th October (Wednesday)

American Horror Story (2019, S9, FX Horror Series)

In the summer of 1984, five friends from Los Angeles leave the city to work as counselors at Camp Redwood. As they adjust to their new jobs, they learn that the only thing scarier than the campfire tales they hear, is the past coming to haunt you.

Also known as AHS: 1984, the ninth season is heavily influenced by classic horror slasher films such as Friday the 13th and Halloween from around that period. 

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
American Horror Story: 1984 (S9) is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Deep State (2018-19, S1-2, Fox Espionage/Drama Series)

Max Easton is a retired Secret Service operative and ex-member of elite British/America team called The Section. He’s pulled back into the field to try to shut down an Iranian missile program but the situation is complicated by Max's estranged son, Harry, who has followed his father into the espionage world and seems to have been killed in the line of duty.

Just Beyond (2021, S1, Walt Disney Television All 8 episodes available)

Genre anthology series based on the graphic novel novels by R.L. Stine which tells thought-provoking stories of a reality just beyond the one we know. Each episode introduces viewers to a new cast of characters who must go on a surprising journey of self-discovery in a supernatural world of witches, aliens, ghosts and parallel universes.

The first two episodes are directed by Marc (500 Days of Summer / The Amazing Spider-Man / Gifted) Webb.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Just Beyond S1 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Reservation Dogs (2021, S1, Ep1-2 then 6 further weekly episodes, FX Comedy Series)

Four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma steal, rob and save in order to follow their dreams and escape to the exotic, mysterious and faraway land of California.

Co-created by Taika Waititi, Reservation Dogs features an almost universal Indiginous cast, crew and production team.


Soul of a Nation (2021, S1, 6-Part ABC Docuseries)

A unique window into the authentic realities of Black life, and a deeper dive into this critical moment of racial reckoning; travelling across the United States, unpacking issues critical to Black Americans.

15th October (Friday)

Scary Movie 4 (2006, Comedy, PG-13. Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko, Bill Pullman, Dir. David Zucker)

The fourth in the Scary Movie parody series which takes a swing at War of the Worlds, The Grudge, The Village, Saw and more, with the ever dependable Anna Faris. 

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Scary Movie 4 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

The Hurricane (1999, Drama, Biography, Sport, R. Denzel Washington, Vicellous Shannon, Deborah Kara Unger, Liev Schreiber, Dir. Norman Jewison)

The story of Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder, and the people who aided in his fight to prove his innocence.

Disney continues to work through Denzel Washington’s earlier filmography, and this biopic, The Hurricane, follows recent additions He Got Game and Antwone Fisher. 

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
The Hurricane is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

What Lies Beneath (2000, Drama, Horror, Mystery, PG-13. Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katharine Towne, Miranda Otto, Dir. Robert Zemeckis)

The wife of a respected university research scientist believes that their lakeside Vermont home is haunted by a ghost as she starts to see the face of a young woman reflected in water. Or maybe she is just losing her mind? At her husband's urging, Claire starts to see a therapist. His advice? Try to make contact with the spirit.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
What Lies Beneath is on Disney+ in October 2021


Return of the Clouded Leopards (2011, National Geographic Documentary)

Return of the Clouded Leopards follows the unique rehabilitation of two rare orphaned clouded leopard cubs as they are returned to their natural jungle habitat.

Generation YouTube (2013, Documentary)

The story of Google’s massive online video site before it became the world conquering cultural phenomenon it is today. Features interviews with YouTube’s founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who unknowingly created one of the most popular websites of all time from a garage in Silicon Valley on February 14, 2005.

20th October (Wednesday)

Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Black Widow (2021, Disney+ Original Documentary)

Assembled is a comprehensive series of documentary-style specials that chronicles the creation of Marvel Studios new shows and theatrical releases. This special takes viewers behind the scenes of MCU’s action-packed spy thriller Black Widow and checks in with the production’s cast and crew. 

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Black Widow is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

American Horror Story: Double Feature (2021, S10, FX Anthology Horror Series)

A struggling writer, his pregnant wife, and their daughter move to an isolated beach town for the winter. Once they're settled in, the town's true residents begin to make themselves known.

American Horror Story: Double Feature is the tenth season of the show and sees Macaulay Culkin join many of the regular cast. The season will be divided into two parts: Red Tide, which takes place "by the sea", and Death Valley, which takes place "by the sand".

Black-ish (2019, S6, ABC Studios Comedy Series)

Dre Johnson has it all: a great job, beautiful wife Rainbow, four kids, and a big house in a classy neighborhood. But as a Black man, he questions whether all his success means he and his family have lost touch with their heritage. With the help of his father, Dre tries to create a sense of ethnic identity for his family that will allow them to honour their background while preparing them to embrace the future.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Black-ish S6 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

White Collar (2009-14, S1-6, Fox Television Procedural Series)

With only a few months of his sentence left, renowned con artist, forger, and thief Neal Caffrey escapes prison to look for his girlfriend. When he is recaptured by FBI agent Peter Burke, who caught him the first time round, Caffrey is facing more jail time. However, he proposes a deal to help Burke apprehend dangerous white collar criminals as part of a work-release program. After some hesitation, Burke agrees. They thus begin their unconventional and testy relationship.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
White Collar S1-6 are on Disney+ UK in October 2021


Disney Insider (2021, S2 Ep1,  Disney+ Original Documentary)

This series peels back the curtain of The Walt Disney Company giving fans a glimpse behind the movies, theme parks, destinations, music, toys, and more. 

Disney Magic Bake-Off (2021, S1, Ep1-8, Disney Channel Reality/Game Show)

Junior bakers compete to make the best magical cake, pitting their techniques and creativity against each other and the clock.

Engineering Connections (2008-09, S1-2, National Geographic Docuseries)

Richard Hammond takes viewers on a journey that looks at how engineers and designers use historic inventions and clues from the natural world in ingenious ways to develop new buildings and machines. Among the incredible projects examined are the Airbus A380, the Taipei Tower, Wembly Stadium, HMS Illustrious and the Hong Kong International Airport.

WW2: Hell Under the Seas (S1-3, National Geographic Documentary Series)

This series charts subsea warfare from contact to attack. From the rise of the Wolfpack to the drive for victory in the Pacific, the series examines the strategy, technology and tactics to make every sailor's worst nightmare to come to life. 

22nd October (Friday)

The Other Side of the Door (2016, Horror, Thriller, R. Sarah Wayne Callies, Jeremy Sisto, Sofia Rosinsky, Logan Creran, Dir. Johannes Roberts)

Maria becomes consumed with guilt after losing her son Oliver in a tragic accident. The inconsolable mother learns of an ancient ritual that will bring him back to say a final goodbye. She travels to an ancient temple, where a door serves as a mysterious portal between two worlds. But when she disobeys a sacred warning to never open that door, she upsets the balance between life and death.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006, Horror, Thriller, R. Kathleen Quinlan, Emilie de Ravin, Ted Levine, Aaron Stanford, Dir. Alexandre Aja)

A family is targeted by a group of cannibalistic mutants after their car breaks down in a desolate area of the desert used for government nuclear weapons testing.

Remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 original which became celebrated as one of a number of films known as ‘the video nasties‘ in the UK when it was released on the format during the early days of the VHS video revolution.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
The Hills Have Eyes (2006) is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

The Hills Have Eyes 2  (2007, Horror, Thriller, R. Daniella Alonso, Jay Acovone, Archie Kao, Jeff Kober, Dir. Martin Weisz)

A group of National Guard trainees find themselves battling against a vicious group of mutants on their last day of training in the desert.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
The Hills Have Eyes 2 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021


Strangest Bird Alive (National Geographic Documentary)

A celebration of one of Earth’s most interesting looking creatures - the ostrich.

Hubble’s Cosmic Journey (2015, National Geographic Documentary)

Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured thousands of stunning images of space and revolutionised our understanding of the universe This programme tells the definitive story of NASA's most successful science project ever and is narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Hubble's Cosmic Journey is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

27th October (Wednesday)

Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of What If…? (2021, Disney+ Original Documentary)

Assembled is a series of documentary-style specials that chronicles the creation of Marvel Studios new shows and theatrical releases. This special takes viewers behind the scenes of MCU’s first animated project which serves up a series of well known tales and characters and spins them off in unexpected directions. The voice cast includes many of the original actors from the movies and shows reprising their iconic roles. 

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of What If…? is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Family Guy (2020, S19 20th Century Fox Television Animated Comedy)

The Griffin family return to see Meg almost get married, Stewie drop the F-bomb which concerns Lois, Chris and Stewie raising an orphaned squirrel and Peter volunteering as a nurse in the hospital during an ‘outbreak of flu.’

Season 19 opener became the series’ 350th episode and at the end, Mike Henry bowed out of voicing Cleveland Brown making way for Arif Zahir to take over for season 20.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Family Guy S19 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Invasion Earth (1998, S1, BBC Sci-Fi Series)

In the lonely Scottish highlands, a small band of military personnel fight a desperate battle against a formidable alien intruder to prevent an invasion of the Earth.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Invasion Earth S1 is on Disney+ UK in October 2021

Mr Inbetween (2018-21, S1-3 FX Drama Series)

Ray Shoesmith is a hitman for hire who makes a life out of balancing his criminal activities with his obligations to friends and family; as a father to Brittany, a loving boyfriend to Ally and a good caretaker to his sick brother Bruce. He also covers for his friend Gary when needed, and follows his boss’s orders without question. Ray deals with criminals and mobsters in his own violent way but this behaviour starts to take its toll and affects his relationships.

The Nest (2020, S1, BBC Drama Series)

Wealthy Dan and Emily are crazy about each other and want nothing more than to have a family. Unable to conceive, they turn to 18-year-old Kaya who offers to be their surrogate mother. What plays out is not what Dan and Emily expect as they are faced with the true price of being able to buy what you want.

Tyrant (2014-16, S1-3, FX Drama Series)

Barry, the son of an infamous Middle Eastern tyrant, left his life behind to start a life as a pediatrician in the US. He reluctantly returns to his home country for his nephew's wedding and is drawn back into the political turmoil.


Apocalypse: War of the Worlds (2019, S1, Documentary)

Summer 1945. While the victorious nations celebrate a return to peace, an iron curtain comes down to divide those who were formerly allies. For fifty years, the Communist Eastern bloc will confront the West, led by the Americans. This is the Cold War, the War of Worlds. In Indochina, Korea and Vietnam, the big nations wage war on each other through other peoples. And the emergence of nuclear weapons leaves mankind under perpetual threat of a new Apocalypse.

Savage Kingdom (2016-19, S1-3, National Geographic Docuseries)

Three thousand square miles of remote African Savannah is governed by competing clans of ruthlessly proficient predators; lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs. Their survival depends on the giant herds of buffalo, elephant and zebra who roam in search of sustenance, season after season. Each day is a life and death struggle in a land where natural law is taken to its limit and sometimes... beyond.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Savage Kingdom S1-3 are in Disney+ in October 2021

29th October (Friday)

Books of Blood (2020, Drama, Horror, Mystery. Britt Robertson, Freda Foh Shen, Nicholas Campbell, Anna Friel, Dir. Brannon Braga)

Based on Clive Barker’s acclaimed and influential horror anthology book series, Books of Blood follows a journey into uncharted territory through three tales tangled in space and time.

Ready or Not (2019, Horror, Mystery, Comedy. Samantha Weaving, Mark O’Brien, Adam Brody, Henry Czery, Andie MacDowell, Dir. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett)

Bride-to-be Grace is about to join a brand new family, that of her future husband, Alex. The rich, eccentric Le Domas clan has made its fortune through traditional board games and once Grace has said ‘I do’, all that’s left is one small tradition, a little game of their own. But this is no run of the mill version of hide and seek and the stakes are higher than Grace could possibly imagine as she realises she has to win to stand any chance of surviving the night.

Blending extreme gore with subversive humour, and casting a satirical eye on marriage and social standing, Ready or Not garnered favour with audiences as well as critics who praised Samantha (niece of Hugo) Weaving’s spirited performance. 


Comet of the Century (National Geographic Documentary)

When scientists first found comet ISON, they immediately knew they had discovered something…

Ultimate Tutankhamun (National Geographic Documentary)

With 3D graphics, stylized reconstructions and forensic investigations, archaeologists, chemists, geologists, anatomists, microbiologists, and Egyptologists explore the latest evidence to build the ultimate picture of King Tutankhamun.

Wild Little Cats (National Geographic Documentary)

Lions and tigers capture our imagination and wow us with their hunting skills. But they overshadow their smaller cousins. The cat family's diverse, and the felines at the smaller end of the scale can be just as impressive. 

World’s Biggest Festival: Kumbh Mela (National Geographic Documentary)

Once every 12 years, Hindus from around the world converge at Sangam in Allahabad, India, at the convergence of the Ganges, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati rivers. It is known as the Maha Kumbh Mela, and it is not only the world’s largest religious festival, it is also believed to be the largest gathering of humans in one place, at one time on Earth.

Amazon Prime UK

1st October 

Infinite (2021, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, PG-13. Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson, Dylan O'Brien, Jason Mantzoukas, Rupert Friend, Toby Jones , Dir. Antoine Fuqua)

Evan McCauley is plagued by dreams and visions of places he's never visited and discovers that these are in fact memories and that he’s a member of a group of warriors called The Infinite. These are reincarnated individuals who remember their skills from their previous lives who must band together to stop a madman from destroying the cycle of life, death and reincarnation. Now seemingly one of the Infinite, McCauley reluctantly joins them on their quest.

Welcome to the Blumhouse: Bingo Hell (2021, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Amazon Original Film. Richard Brake, Bertila Damas, L. Scott Caldwell, Adriana Barraza, Dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero)

In the low income Barrio of Oak Springs lives a strong and stubborn group of elderly friends who refuse to be gentrified. Sixty-something neighbourhood activist Lupita keeps them together as a community and when she discovers that their beloved local bingo hall has been taken over by a mysterious businessman named Mr. Big, she rallies the group to fight back against the enigmatic entrepreneur, little knowing the evil force they’re up against.

Welcome to the Blumhouse: Black as Night (2021, Horror, Amazon Original Film. Keith David, Asjha Cooper, Abbie Gayle, Fabrizio Guido, Dir. Maritte Lee Go)

Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, Shawna, a resourceful teenage girl with self-esteem issues, discovers vampires are preying on the city’s vulnerable displaced population. After her mother becomes the latest victim, Shawna vows revenge and gathers a group of her diverse friends to battle the forces of the undead, leading to a showdown in the historic French Quarter.

4th October 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2021, S2/Final, 10 Episodes, AMC Horror/Drama Series)

Set ten years after the zombie apocalypse, four teenage protagonists - the first generation to come of age in the postmodern world - travel across the country on a mission that has transformed all that they knew about themselves and the world. 

Now, as they confront the mysterious army of the Civic Republic searching for the father of two of the travellers, they must fight for control of their own destiny as objectives change, bonds form and break, and innocence is both lost and found.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
The Walking Dead: World Beyond S2 is on Amazon Prime Video UK in October 2021

8th October 

Welcome to the Blumhouse: Madres (2021, Horror, Amazon Original Film. Elpidia Carrillo, Tenoch Huerta, Kerry Cahill, Ariana Guerra, Dir. Ryan Zaragoza)

In 1970’s California, Beto and Diane, a Mexican-American couple expecting their first child, relocate to a migrant farming community to start their new family. When Diane starts to experience unusual symptoms and terrifying visions, she tries to uncover if it's related to a legendary curse or something even more sinister.

Welcome to the Blumhouse: The Manor (2021, Horror, Amazon Original Film. Barbara Hershey, Fran Bennett, Bruce Davison, Stacey Travis, Dir. + Scr. Axelle Carolyn)

After suffering a mild stroke and no longer able to fully cope, Judith Albright reluctantly moves into an historic nursing home. However, when her fellow residents begin to die in mysterious circumstances, she starts to suspect that something supernatural is preying on them. With no-one believing her and blaming her post-stroke condition, Judith has to convince everyone around her that she doesn't need assisted living so she can escape the fate that appears to await all the residents.

15th October

I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021, S1, 8 Episodes, Amazon Original Horror/Drama Series)

After a fatal accident on a winding road, a group of teens celebrating their graduation makes the crucial mistake of dumping their victim's body and keeping the tragic incident under wraps. However, a year later it becomes apparent that, in a town full of secrets, theirs is now out and someone knows what happened. Worse still, their lives are in danger as somebody is stalking the group, after revenge. 

A modern take on the 1973 novel by Lois Duncan and the successful 1997 film which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Geller, Freddie Prinze Jr., Ryan Phillippe - so more cell phones and social media!

18th October

Fear The Walking Dead (2021, S7, 16 Episodes, AMC Horror/Drama Series)

Just as the survivors had got a handle on how to deal with the zombie apocalypse, they now have another catastrophe on top of the one they've been living with as Morgan's group is scattered across the landscape of Texas, trying to deal with the nuclear fallout brought about by Teddy and his followers. Meanwhile, Morgan and Victor clash over their differing philosophies.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Fear the Walking Dead, S7 is on Amazon Prime Video UK in October 2021

Hightown (2021, S2,10 Episodes, Starz drama series on StarzPlay - requires subscription)

Jackie Quiñones is a National Marine Fisheries Service Agent in Provincetown, Massachusetts suffering from addiction issues. However, she’s shaken back to reality when she finds the body of a murdered woman on a beach and joins forces with fellow agents as they attempt to tear down Cape Cod’s organised crime and the local opioid epidemic.

As Jackie’s journey back to sobriety tests her, colleague Ray spins out of control, losing himself in the investigation. Now, the lives of everyone connected to the complex case crash and converge as a reminder how complicated - and deadly - their compulsions and the forces they are up against can be.

22nd October

After We Fell (2021, Romance, Drama,  Amazon Original Film. Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Louise Lombard, Chance Perdomo, Dir. Castille Landon)

The continuing relationship drama of Tessa and Hardin sees Tessa about to make the biggest decision of her life, when everything suddenly changes. Revelations about her and Hardin’s families throw everything they knew into doubt and make their hard-won future together more difficult to pursue. Slowly, Tessa's life begins to become unglued, and nothing is what she thought it was. 

This is the follow up to After we Collided and continues the film series based on the book written by Anna Todd, which will conclude with After Ever Happy, filmed at the same time as After We Fell and due in 2022.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
After We Fell is on Amazon Prime Video UK in October 2021

31st October

Godfather of Harlem (2021, S2b, Epix Original Series showing on StarzPlay - requires subscription)

Crime drama starring Forest Whitaker which serves as a TV prequel to the 2007 film American Gangster, and which tells the true story of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson.

Following the events of the first season of Godfather of Harlem, season two finds Johnson battling the New York crime families for control of the lucrative pipeline for heroin that runs from Marseilles to New York Harbour - known as the “French Connection”. Taking a cue from his friend Malcolm X’s message of black economic nationalism, Johnson’s ambitious plans include distribution to black crime bosses from other major U.S. cities. But he faces challenges from not only the Italians but his wife Mayme, daughter Elise, rival Adam Clayton Powell, prosecutor Robert Morgenthau, and even Malcolm himself. Once again, Godfather of Harlem explores the collision of the criminal underworld and civil rights movements in the colourful, tumultuous mid sixties.

Apple TV+ 

8th October

Acapulco (2021, AppleTV+ Original Comedy Series) 

In 1984, twenty-something Máximo has his dream come true when he lands the job of a lifetime at the hottest resort in Acapulco. But he soon realises the job is far more complicated than he ever imagined as he navigates demanding clientele, a mercurial mentor and a complicated home life, without losing his way to shortcuts or temptations. Meanwhile, in the present day, an older Máximo looks back at the adventures his younger self went through during this period. 

Dual language (Spanish and English) comedy series inspired by the 2017 film How to be a Latin Lover which also features Acapulco star Eugenio Derbez. 

Get Rolling with Otis (2021, S1, Apple TV+ Children’s Animated Series)

Otis is a little tractor with a big heart who lives on Long Hill Dairy Farm and whenever he sees a friend in need, he’ll plough his own furrow to help out.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Get Rolling with Otis S1 is on Apple TV+ in October 2021

15th October

Puppy Place (2021, S1, Apple TV+ Original Children's Series)

Siblings Charles and Lizzie Peterson love dogs and just want to see them happy and cared for, so they decide to take on the tough but rewarding task of fostering puppies and finding permanent homes for them. They soon find out every new pup starts a new adventure.  

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Puppy Place S1 is on Apple TV+ in October 2021

The Velvet Underground (2021, R, Apple TV+ Original Documentary) 

Todd Haynes directs and produces this first major film exploration of avant-garde rock group The Velvet Underground, bringing an appropriate kaleidoscopic style to the story which combines exclusive interviews with dazzling archival footage as the project explores the multiple threads that converged to bring together one of the most influential bands in rock and roll.

Early production began in 2017 with interviews shot for the film in 2018. Apple acquired the rights for its streaming channel in October 2020 and the film had its world premiere at the Cannes Film  Festival in July 2021.

22nd October

Invasion (2021, S1, AppleTV+ Original Series)

A global alien invasion of Earth is seen from different perspectives around the world and follows multiple storylines across different continents, examining how a single catastrophic, game-changing event would affect us all.

Inspired by The War of the Worlds and its many adaptations, Invasion stars Sam Neill and was created by Simon (X-Men) Kinsberg, and will see the first three episodes drop together, followed by seven further weekly chapters.

29th October

Swagger (2021, S1, AppleTV+ Original Drama Series)

The world of youth basketball is opened up by an ensemble cast exploring the players, their families and coaches who walk the fine line between dreams and ambition, and opportunism and corruption. Off court, the show reveals what it’s like to grow up in America.

Swagger Is inspired by NBA superstar and series creator Kevin Durant's own youth basketball playing experience on the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) circuit and the 10-episode first season will premiere with the first three episodes, followed by one new episode weekly.

What's new on UK streaming services for October 2021
Swagger S1 is on Apple TV+ in October 2021

So, that's it as far as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ go for UK subscribers. What do you think of the October lineup so far? Let us know in the comments section what you may be looking forward to in particular.  

We’ll keep the article updated when more content is announced, so make sure you come back to keep up to date.  

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