What does Apple want with Kinect Technology?

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by hodg100 Nov 18, 2013 at 10:23 PM

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    What does Apple want with Kinect Technology?
    A deal for Apple to acquire the Company originally behind the Kinect sensor is apparently on the cards.
    Primesense, an Israeli company, will reportedly cost Apple in the region of $345 million but whilst some areas of the Israeli press are reporting it as a done deal, Primsense is refusing to comment. The deal does increasingly likely, however, and will undoubtedly lead to speculation as to where the technology might be utilised.
    Primesense currently coy on rumours
    Bearing in mind Kinect’s current use-case scenarios, it would most likely be as a companion for the Apple TV box, where it could be used to control the simple interface using gesture or voice. It could perhaps be intended for a whole new Apple product, possibly an Apple Television or games console, of some sort.

    Earlier in the year Apple had been rumoured to be expanding the functionality of the ATV box to make it hub for gaming, and gesture control could be a good fit for the kind of games available from the App store.

    If – and again this is a much rumoured product - Apple does chance its arm in the Television hardware market, they’ll sure to want to launch with the best set of Smart TV features available and, whilst the likes of Samsung have attempted to equip their TVs with Kinect style functionality, they have, so far, fallen some way short of the original.
    Games console or television, perhaps?
    Microsoft parted ways with Primesense during the development of the Xbox One with the company switching its attentions in to other areas but you’d have to think that it’s the 3D Sensing technology expertise that Apple is after.

    What do you think Apple would do with Kinect style technology? Comments below, please.

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