Wharfedale DS2 Bluetooth Desktop Speakers Unveiled

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by hodg100 Feb 22, 2018 at 11:48 AM

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    Wharfedale DS2 Bluetooth Desktop Speakers Unveiled
    Wharfedale wants its new DS-2 stereo Bluetooth speaker system to be the best sounding desktop solution in the under £200 category.
    Based on the now-discontinued DS-1, a similarly compact pair of Bluetooth speakers, the DS-2 reconstructs the original DS-1 concept with an all-new design delivering, they say, even better sound-per-pound performance.

    In contrast to most Bluetooth speakers, the DS-2 is a pair of proper two-way hi-fi speakers shrunk to desktop size, standing just 190mm high, 120mm wide and 140mm deep. The company invented the concept of the two-way speaker – they claim, i.e. utilising separate drive units for high- and low-frequencies – so it’s no surprise that each DS-2 contains two performance drivers: a 19mm silk dome tweeter and a 75mm mid/bass driver.

    The mid/bass driver’s cone is fashioned from woven polypropylene, chosen for its combination of lightness, strength and low coloration. Both drive units are protected by specially designed metal grilles, while a rear-firing port augments low-frequency performance .

    Inside the master speaker sit new-generation, high-performance digital amplification outputting 2x15W continuous and 2x30W peak. This drives the treble and mid/bass units via a high-quality crossover network containing select audio-grade components .

    There’s Bluetooth support for the superior aptX codec and there’s also a a 3.5mm analogue stereo input and supplied cable which is positioned on the side of the master speaker, along with the volume and pairing controls.

    The award-winning DS-1 desktop Bluetooth speakers were a tough act to follow,” said Peter Comeau, Wharfedale’s Director of Acoustic Design, “but we’ve really brought the design forward with the new DS-2. These are low-cost stereo Bluetooth speakers that punch above their weight, robustly built with a musical performance that belies their compact size. We spent a great deal of time voicing these speakers to ensure they’re perfectly balanced for use on a shelf or desktop and can be positioned close to a rear wall for hefty, yet agile, bass output.”

    The Wharfedale DS-2 stereo Bluetooth speakers are available from March in a choice of black or white, at an RRP of £179.95.

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