Wharfedale budget DX-2 5.1 speaker package launching

Coming November 2017

by hodg100 Oct 24, 2017 at 11:57 AM

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    Wharfedale budget DX-2 5.1 speaker package launching
    High-quality home cinema can be costly, both financially and in terms of the amount of space it consumes in your living room, says Wharfedale, so they’re trying to kill two birds with one stone by releasing the compact DX-2 5.1 speaker system for only £450.
    The DX-2 consists of four satellite speakers for the front and rear, plus a compact centre speaker and an active subwoofer, and replaces the similarly diminutive DX-1 series of speaker packages.

    The DX-2 incorporates all the key ingredients that made the DX-1 HCP and DX-1SE packages so successful, and has been re-engineered with an improved cabinet design and a contemporary new look. The drive units have been fine-tuned and the active subwoofer upgraded with a more powerful and sophisticated integral amplifier.

    The DX-2 Satellite measures just 19x12x12cm (HxWxD) and incorporates a 19mm silk dome tweeter and 75mm mid/bass driver with a woven polypropylene cone – this material is used for its combination of lightness, strength and low coloration. The enclosure is an infinite baffle (closed-box) design, which is supposed to aid the speakers’ ability to be sited in close proximity to a wall without adversely affecting their performance.

    The DX-2 Centre incorporates the same silk dome tweeter flanked by two 75mm mid/bass drivers in a 12x31x12cm (HxWxD) cabinet. Its design includes an aperiodic bass loading system consisting of a vent that is filled with resistive porous foam to reduce low-frequency distortion.

    The matching WH-D8 active subwoofer combines a 200mm long-throw bass cone with a 70W (150W peak) amplifier to deliver impressive bass from a compact unit – just 29.8x26.8x30cm (HxWxD). It also sports an ‘autopower’ facility, switching out of standby when a signal is sensed and back again when it stops.

    In the UK and around the world, there is strong demand for compact and affordable 5.1 speaker systems that combine crisp, modern aesthetics with high-quality sound,” says Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design for Wharfedale’s parent company IAG. “In the DX-2 we have incorporated elements from Wharfedale’s award-winning loudspeakers to deliver a high-value package that is not only a delight in the home, but also extremely enjoyable to listen to. Modern movie soundtracks are exceptionally demanding, but we've made sure that this package is tailor-made for the job.”

    The Wharfedale DX-2 home cinema speaker package is available from November 2017 at an RRP of £449.95. A satellite expansion pack is also available, priced at £99.95 per pair for those seeking to expand the 5.1 package to a 7.1 configuration. It’s available in black initially, with an alternative white finish coming soon

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