VPI Prime Signature Turntable Announced

The second most affordable superdeck on the market?

by hodg100 Dec 21, 2016 at 7:50 AM

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    VPI Prime Signature Turntable Announced
    We thought the VPI Prime Turntable was special; so very good, in fact, it was the recipient of an extremely rare AVForums Reference Status Review Award but the US based audio specialist isn’t resting on its laurels and has just announced the new Prime Signature turntable.
    This new super table is the result of VPI’s thirty-five years of audio design know-how and has been engineered in New Jersey. The all new Prime Signature is part of an evolution of turntables from the US 'masters of vinyl replay'. The company wanted to get back to its roots with the Prime series by creating tables that offer quality high-end sound while taking advantage of improvements in technology.

    Backed by VPI’s improved abilities with 3D printing and design, the Prime Signature features a (frankly gorgeous looking) black speckled gloss finish JMW 3D 10 Reference arm with a Nordost Reference wire. The plinth is composed of layered gloss MDF and machined aluminium together with a stainless-steel motor housing, corner posts, bearing nut bell and arm board. The Prime Signature rests upon custom-designed HR-X (Hot Rod Extra) isolation feet.

    The Prime Signature improves upon the VPI Prime by featuring improved bracing in the main bearing and arm through the aluminium sandwich construction of the plinth and improved mechanical grounding. There is better resonance damping of the motor as the stainless-steel housing weighs twice that of the of the original Prime, says VPI. The new tonearm is also purported to deliver better aesthetics and damping.

    It doesn’t come cheap, of course, the Prime Signature has a recommended price of £6,000 but, the company says, that the features and level of detailed vinyl reproduction are what you would expect from a much more expensive turntable so it could be a new reference point…

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