Virgin Media boosts top speed to 500Mbps

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by Andy Bassett Apr 29, 2019 at 1:23 PM

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     Virgin Media boosts top speed to 500Mbps
    Virgin Media has surpassed its previous top tier download speed of 350Mbps and launched a new VIVID 500 package for consumers and VOOM 500 for SMEs, that hit the 500Mbps download mark.
    For consumers, the speed boost is part of an updated package that Virgin is pitching as an all-in-one premium offering, called V.VIP, which combines TV, broadband and mobile. Pulling together over 300 TV channels including premium movie and sports channels in 4K, the additional speeds will allow a 4K UHD film of about 20GB to download in less than six minutes and a huge game such as Red Dead Redemption at 99Gb would take only about 28 minutes, significantly less than the 5 hours on a current average UK connection.

    For customers who sign up to the package, the speeds may actually exceed the quoted 500Mbps download and 35Mbps upload benchmarks since Virgin tend to overprovision to ensure the quoted speeds are actually met.

    The V.VIP package is compatible with the Hub 3.0 router and will cost £99 per month for the first 12 months but will then increase to £139 per month.

    With an option called Personal Pick, Virgin Media are also adding to the flexibility of which TV channels consumers can choose from to create a personalised TV line-up and control the price they pay.

    Removing the TV element will drop consumers out of the V.VIP bundle and cap their top broadband speed at 350Mbps reducing the cost to £52 per month but there are other package options too. Another way to boost broadband speeds is by taking out a mobile SIM deal. Supported packages will see a boost from 50Mbps to 100Mbps, from 100Mbps to 200Mbps and from 200Mbps to 350Mbps, when a mobile SIM is added.

    While it’s questionable whether everyday consumers really need such blistering speeds, the VOOM 500 package will be helpful for business users.

    Indeed, research commissioned by Virgin Media claims that poor broadband speeds are the biggest inhibitor of progress for UK SMEs. It suggests that the average employee loses 15 minutes of productivity per day due to slow internet speeds.

    Rob Orr, executive director of Commercial Marketing at Virgin Media Business said, “Once again we’re raising the bar for business broadband by giving our customers the ultrafast and reliable connections they need to excel in the digital age. With a free upgrade to Voom 500 on offer for existing Voom customers when they take selected mobile or Cloud Voice services, our customers can stop worrying about their broadband and focus on using it.

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