Virgin boosts top Internet speed to 152Mbps

Comfortably the UKs quickest, widely available broadband speeds

by hodg100 Feb 28, 2014 at 10:18 AM

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    Virgin boosts top Internet speed to 152Mbps
    Virgin Media has today unleashed broadband speeds that are up to 19 times faster than regular broadband.
    The new 152Mb top speed is now comfortably the fastest widely available connection in the UK and is launched alongside new parental controls technology.

    Even customers on lower-tiered package will be treated to very high speed broadband connections with the entry-level service now increased to 50Mb - five times faster than regular broadband from Sky or BT.

    Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media’s chief executive officer, said: “Overwhelmingly people tell us the internet is a force for good. From daily life to the bigger aspects of society, culture and economic growth, digital is making a significant, positive difference to people’s lives. We’re supercharging our incredible network to ensure that Virgin Media customers can make the most of the online world.”
    The new 152Mb top speed means, in theory, you can download some TV shows in around a minute.

    Peak internet use by Virgin Media customers has grown 55% in the past year, they tell us, and has increased by almost 1000% since the company’s launch in 2007.

    Existing customers on 30Mb customers will get a boost to 50Mb, 60Mb to 100Mb and 120Mb can get 152Mb.

    Virgin Media‘s new whole-home parental controls technology, Web Safe, allows the account holder to restrict access to types of potentially age-inappropriate websites. Web Safe works across all devices connected to the family’s home internet service. From today, new Virgin Media customers will be offered Web Safe when they install their broadband connection.

    To support this, Virgin Media is launching Switched on Families, a new interactive guide designed to support ‘grown-ups’ in making informed choices about the online world.

    Vicki Shotbolt, CEO and Founder of The Parent Zone, said: “Switched on Families puts Virgin Media ahead of the game - it's the best content I've seen in this space for a long time. Parenting in a digital age is a constantly evolving challenge. The invaluable advice on this site will help empower parents to figure out what works for their family and how to best support their kids as they grow up."

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