Virgin 4K Set-top-box set for UK in 2016

EOS to be released second half of 2016

by Mark Hodgkinson May 16, 2016 at 10:28 AM

  • It looks as though Virgin is set to roll out a new 4K set-top-box, titled EOS, sometime in 2016 as the service looks to compete with BT and the recently launched Sky Q system.
    Liberty Global, the company now behind Virgin Media, has announced its plans for the new Ultra HD device that, at least for the time being, will retain elements of the current TiVo platform

    Speaking at an analyst call, Virgin Media CEO Tom Mockridge said the company was planning a UK rollout before the end of 2016. “I will just say we are committed in the second half of this year to deploy in the United Kingdom, we put some TiVo software on it, but that will give us a lot more functionality for our customers.”

    It’s a pretty high-powered box that will get a refreshed TiVo UI on it later this year. And then in the following years, our goal is to get Horizon across all of Europe,” added Liberty Global CTO Balan Nair. “And the EOS box is this new 4K box that’s going to be the engine for the next generation video for Liberty.

    Mockridge commented that, so far, Sky Q has had little effect on Virgin’s business but, speaking as a Virgin customer myself, the TiVo UI now feels very dated and in urgent need of refreshment, especially when it comes to content discovery.

    So far we’ve seen very little impact from the Sky TV which is (an) expensive corridor. And we’re very focused on improving – and EOS is going to be a big part of that.”

    EOS is a set-top we intend to roll out everywhere at some point, including in that market and it’s certainly – that we already have a TiVo interim plan or a medium range plan in the UK,” said Liberty Global President Mike Fries.

    We look forward to more news on this!

    Source: Broadband TV News

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