Viewers demand data enhanced sports content

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by Andy Bassett Jul 26, 2019 at 4:25 PM

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    Viewers demand data enhanced sports content
    NTT, a global technology and managed services company has pulled out some interesting information from its recent survey - sports fans want more data to accompany their viewing and are happy to use a second screen to access it.
    The NTT survey found that less than half (46 per cent) of sports fans were satisfied with the way their current data experience made a sporting event more enjoyable and engagement of the remaining 54 per cent of fans who are dissatisfied is something that sporting organisations and broadcasters should consider going forward. Specifically, NTT suggest, the opportunities that machine learning and AI offer are one way they can do this.

    Sport is, of course, big business and getting the broadcast rights to high profile global events is often a cornerstone of many TV and streaming company strategies. Give your viewers a World Cup or an F1 Season and they’re likely to stay with you and, even better, new sports fans will be knocking down your door to subscribe.

    The NTT survey studied the responses of 3,700 sports enthusiasts from around the world and discovered:

    • 54 per cent of 18-34 year olds believe AI is capable of successfully predicting the results of a sporting event.

    • 52 per cent of respondents considered these accurate predictions made the event more exciting.

    • Only 26 per cent across all age groups were aware of AI and machine learning being implemented at the sporting events they viewed.

    Additional data might nominally be Hawkeye tracking data, as well as stats, facts and figures but where AI comes in is predicting next moves during the live event. For example, by analysing the behaviour and movements of cyclists within the main peloton of a cycling event, potential key moments, such as the increased likelihood of a crash, a split in the ranks or a change in race dynamics could be predicated.

    In fact, such a machine learning model is being trialled during the 2019 Tour de France.

    To this end, 56 per cent of 18-34 respondents say they plan to turn to a second screen while viewing an event over the next three years in order to glean extra information, with 4 in 10 people saying extra stats would enhance their digital experience.

    Ruth Rowan, Global Chief Marketing Officer at NTT commented, “There’s a real hunger in the sports industry for a more futuristic viewing experience for fans. And, like any organization looking to thrive, sports providers need transformation to remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly digitizing world."

    She further added, “Whether that’s through live analytics and data enhancements, AI-powered experiences, or connected stadiums – it’s clear ICT infrastructure, the cloud, and mobile services have a critical role to play as the sports industry evolves to meet the growing demands of digitally savvy supporters.”

    Away from the TV experience, 55 per cent of 18-34 years old said additional in-stadium experiences such as improved connectivity and tech-enhanced facilities would encourage them to attend live events. This was made clear with 73 per cent saying poor connectivity at a sporting venue reduces their enjoyment of an event.

    So, it seems that millennials are up for using a second screen while viewing sporting events. Do any AVForums members currently do this? If so, how does it add to your experience and would you welcome additional data during the event?

    Image Source: ZDNet

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