TIDAL Masters (MQA) now available on Android

I’ll Fetch The Master…..

by Andy Bassett Jan 25, 2019 at 9:09 AM

  • Launched in 2015, TIDAL introduced its MQA Masters series a few years later and now those studio quality recordings are available for Android devices.
    Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is an audio codec that allows for large, high-resolution music files to be packaged in a more efficient way thus enabling them to be streamed more easily. It was originally developed by renowned UK audio company, Meridian Audio but is now owned and licenced by MQA Ltd.

    Already available on their desktop app, the TIDAL streaming service has announced that their library of 165,000 master-quality songs can be streamed on your Android device, thus making mobile, Hi-Res music even more convenient.

    It makes Tidal one of the first global streaming services to offer Hi-Res music through its mobile app and, although the company hasn’t said why the feature is Android-only at launch, the MQA website does indicate that iOS support is coming soon.

    Access to the master containing library requires TIDAL's HiFi tier subscription, currently priced at £19.99 per month and you will also require the app which is available via Google Play or the TIDAL website. With the app, users can capture, package and deliver audio in its original sound, at the highest quality, in a small file that’s able to be streamed on data or Wi-Fi.

    TIDAL points out that MQA delivers an authenticated and unbroken sound (typically 96 kHz/24 bit) with the highest possible resolution designed to replicate how it sounded in the mastering suite.

    Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, stated, “We know that most music fans are choosing to stream on their phones. MQA’s view is that you should have the best quality sound regardless of where you’re listening. We’re delighted that, through our ongoing collaboration with TIDAL, access to master quality audio is now expanding across mobile.”

    Lior Tibon, TIDAL COO, commented, “This is a major advancement for the audiophile community and TIDAL’s HiFi members. As our platform evolves, our partnership with MQA continues to expand and cements our position as a leader in the High-Fidelity audio space.”

    Will the option of Hi-Res audio tempt you to change? Does this move to mobile have an influence on your streaming music provider of choice?

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