Tidal announces new Master Audio feature in cooperation with MQA

Tidal goes beyond CD quality and into high res

by Ed Selley Jan 8, 2017 at 2:49 AM

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    Tidal announces new Master Audio feature in cooperation with MQA
    Tidal has announced a new Master Audio feature that is being added to their desktop streaming service.
    This will offer selected content in resolutions significantly greater than CD. In order to ensure that the service itself remains useable on normal broadband connections, they have partnered with MQA to make use of the sophisticated compression and decompression system the format offers.

    The service will be available inclusive in the price of the current 'hifi' subscription and will currently only work on the desktop version of the service. The MQA decoding is built into the app itself, meaning that there is no requirement for you to own any MQA compatible hardware – although if you do, Tidal will recognise it and switch the decompression process to that product.

    The move is significant because it means that Tidal is the first service to move beyond standard lossless and into the field of high resolution. This in turn makes the Masters some of the most readily available examples of high res digital yet made available to the general public. We will be updating our existing review of the Tidal service with some thoughts on the Masters – both their audio quality and the choice of material available – when we get the opportunity.

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