THX and Summit Wireless Reveal Wireless Home Cinema Plans

Wireless home cinema on its way?

by Andy Bassett Mar 29, 2019 at 7:17 AM

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    THX and Summit Wireless Reveal Wireless Home Cinema Plans
    Summit Wireless, one of the companies behind the WiSA, the Wireless Speaker Audio Association, has teamed up with THX Ltd in an effort to bring certified products to market - including those for a wireless, Hi-Res audio, home cinema experience.
    The partnership aims to capitalise on a market that is expected to see growth of speaker sales increase to a billion by 2024, by combining Summit’s hi-fidelity wireless sound technology with THX’s entertainment technologies and internationally recognised certification standards, under the umbrella of the WiSA standard.

    WiSA certified products will adhere to a set of standards that includes up to 8 channels of 24bit Hi-Res audio which supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object based formats and which improves latency up to 20 times over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Numerous companies have already signed up to the WiSA standard including Bang & Olufsen, Harmon Kardon as well as TV manufacturers LG and, most recently, TCL.

    With an eye on gaming and esports as well as home entertainment - gaming alone is worth $40 billion with audiences of 200 million for esports events quite usual - the blend of certification will ensure competitive events are all played within a consistent set of approved standards even when using a wide variety of products.

    Brett Moyer, president and CEO of Summit Wireless Technologies stated, “THX has been a leader in enabling best-in-class entertainment experiences for over 35 years, and our combined technology can deliver the ultimate shared home entertainment experience for these kinds of live events, with full multi-channel, wireless, stadium-quality sound."

    As far as home entertainment is concerned, the ‘Approved by THX’ stamp on a WiSA AV product will ensure a high quality, reliable experience with a simple set up process. The WiSA standard is attempting to raise awareness of wireless opportunities and also to enable a generation of home theatre wireless speakers with a projected entry price of $600. It is anticipated that these devices will start appearing by the end of the year.

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