Technicolor backs UHD Alliance HDR Standards

It's all coming together

by hodg100 Jan 4, 2016 at 1:15 PM

  • The only thing that’s been bothering us about the whole HDR thing has been the lack of cohesive standards but that’s set to be addressed by the UHD Alliance at their press event at CES 2016, later today (3AM 5/01/16 UK time).
    Ahead of the UHD Alliance revelations, one of its founding members, Technicolor, has announced its backing of the yet to be confirmed standards and they are making very positive noises about its future; but then we guess they would.

    Still, if what Technicolor is saying holds true, then we can all feel a lot more confident about the future of HDR video and consumers should be able to buy with confidence, and transparency, going forwards.

    According to Technicolor, the specification will have, “profound implications for the entire value chain of studios, broadcasters, retailers and consumer equipment manufacturers who took part in the development of the specification.”

    After a year of dedicated work to define what next-generation video entertainment will look like, the release of the UHD Alliance specifications introduces a degree of certainty that should stimulate confidence in the industry that will translate into new demand from consumers,” says Mark Turner, vice president of partner development and business development for Technicolor.

    The specification will provide the standards for how wide colour gamuts will be implemented and what it actually means to meet the high dynamic range (HDR) requirements. The spec will also address how the technologies can be deployed in the development and distribution of new movies and television programmes.

    This removes a huge psychological barrier for consumers interested in purchasing the new generation of TVs, disc players and even the discs themselves,” said Turner. “Consumers now can have confidence that there will be a lot of content available to take advantage of the new and richer visual experiences that the industry has been talking about for the past 12 to 18 months.”

    Technicolor’s Home Entertainment Services Team is also now fully certified by the Blu-ray Disc Association to create 4K HDR Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs ahead of the format’s launch early this year, as the capable hardware begins to hit the market.

    With cross-ecosystem expertise, and a fundamental understanding of storytelling, Technicolor’s well-tested HDR pipeline maintains the integrity of creative intent from set to screens. We look forward to helping our partners develop new libraries of compelling content,” Turner concluded.

    We will bring you news from the UHD Alliance address once we have it but things look to be falling in to place.

    Source: CE Pro

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