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TCL taking 55-inch 4K Quantum Dot TV Global

Focuses on TV+ to crack overseas markets

by Mark Hodgkinson Jan 7, 2015 at 11:08 AM

  • It’s not just Hisense that are set to give the UK TV market a shake-up, the world’s third largest television manufacturer are on their way.
    It’s not just Hisense that are set to give the UK TV market a shake-up, the world’s third largest television manufacturer are on their way.

    TCL announced it is rolling out an all-new TCL TV+ strategy at this week’s CES. Continuing to build bigger, better and more interactive home entertainment experiences, TCL will be showcasing innovations such as the world’s largest 110’’ 4K Ultra HD Curved TV and the new 55” 4K UHD Quantum Dot TV.

    The TV+ concept sounds very like LG’s webOS and Samsung’s new Tizen platforms in that it will help users effortlessly navigate multiple content channels, intuitively moving from cable to streaming videos, online music and interactive gaming.

    To bring the TV+ strategy to life, TCL is also building numerous partnerships with content providers across the globe to provide customized entertainment experiences to its users, although they stopped short of naming them.

    The Internet has transformed the way people watch television, and as TCL continues its own transformation from a traditional electronics manufacturer to an entertainment technology company, we believe TCL TV+ is the next step in delivering the kind of immersive home entertainment experience consumers are asking for,” said E Hao, CEO of TCL Multimedia.

    Putting its ingenuity on display at CES 2015, TCL will also be featuring China’s first-ever quantum dot television - the 55” 4K UHD Quantum Dot TV. A relatively new nnovation in the industry, quantum dot technology incorporates a film of tiny light-emitting crystals into regular liquid crystal displays (LCDs), offering improved picture quality at a fraction of the price of OLED.

    Soon to enter the overseas markets, TCL’s 55” 4K UHD Quantum Dot TV delivers a wide colour gamut with image performance they claim as superior to OLEDs, thanks to Color IQ optics from QD Vision, the leading manufacturer of quantum dot optical components, and Shine On LED, which creates custom LED lighting and display solutions for high-end clients worldwide.

    Featuring an industrial design, this television also comes equipped with cutting-edge 30W Harman Kardon speakers to provide a full-bodied auditory experience that rounds out the luxury feature set.

    Furthermore, if consumers are looking for a larger-than-life experience, TCL is bringing its Guinness Record-breaking 110” 4K UHD Curved TV to CES. Featuring a 4K resolution LED backlit-LCD display, active 3D technology, dynamic backlighting and an 800 nits brightness rating.

    As the only Chinese TV manufacturer with full supply chain penetration, TCL combines elegant industrial design and best-in-market audio quality with the interactive features viewers demand,” said E Hao. “With the help of our great partners, we’re bringing forth more games, new education and lifestyle content and the best in streaming content, creating the ultimate home entertainment experience for consumers.

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