Stranger Things 3 sets streaming record for Netflix

Stranger Things is strongest streamed show

by Andy Bassett Jul 9, 2019 at 11:26 AM

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    Stranger Things 3 sets streaming record for Netflix
    Historically shy in releasing viewing figures, Netflix now seems comfortable in letting the world know about its latest successes and Stranger Things season 3, which hit the streaming service on the 4th July, has been seen by over 40 million account holders - a new record for the streaming titan.
    In real terms, that is going to equate to many more individual viewers, as it could be reasonably expected that each account holder was watching with family members. This is more than for any other Netflix show or movie in its first four days of availability and required at least 70% of one episode to be viewed in order to be counted as a legitimate view.

    Impressively, Netflix has declared that 18 million account holders have already completed the entire series, which consisted of 8 episodes. Of course, for the non binge watchers out there, spoilers are now a problem as 18 million households chat on social media about what they have seen.

    Stranger Things itself is a throwback to eighties-set sci-fi, driven by kids as the main protagonists and it has proved popular since its inception on the streaming service in 2016. The show has garnered 31 Emmy nominations, again proving, along with the Oscar winning Roma, that for all of Netflix’s more tepid offerings, there is some real peer recognised quality available. AVForums recently reviewed the latest season which can be read here.

    To put the Stranger Things viewing figures into context, it took Umbrella Academy, one of Netflix's bigger series, a month to reach 45 million account views and the company released figures in January indicating that the Sandra Bullock horror movie, Bird Box, was watched by over 45 million accounts in the first week before going on to over 80 million in the first four weeks.

    Although it’s not really possible to make like-for-like comparisons between opening weekends at the Box Office and release weekends on Netflix - due to the aforementioned discrepancy between a single account holder and how many people might actually be using that account - but Netflix’s most recent streaming record breaker was the Adam Sandler movie Murder Mystery which was watched by over 30 million accounts worldwide in its first three days. If the film had been released at the cinema, at around $9 a movie ticket, then 30 million cinema goers would have bought in a total of $270 million on the opening weekend - roughly the same as Sandler’s best box office return for Grown Ups over its entire theatrical run.

    Figures like these certainly demonstrate that Netflix can continue to flex its streaming muscle for a little bit longer at the top of the pile. What happens once Apple, Disney, WarnerMedia (and many others) get their services underway will be interesting to say the least.

    How many AVForums members are Stranger Things fans and have binge watched the whole season? Did it stack up to your expectations and can you stand the wait until the next season drops?

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