SoundMAGIC’s New E11 and E11C go on Sale

SoundMAGIC or SoundMEH?

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 2, 2018 at 6:12 AM

  • Today is a good day for people who like budget, high quality, wired earphones. SoundMAGIC’s new E11 and E11C universal earphones have arrived.
    Released back in 2011, the E10 gained both critical and consumer love with its combination of great sound, solid construction, and low price point. Search for ‘SoundMAGIC E10’ in the forums for plenty of discussion about them.

    The company points out that the new E11 and E11C have been completely redesigned, though the new earphones retain the classic shape of the E10. However, SoundMAGIC states that the headphone housing is now created using a high precision aluminium cutting processes. As well as the speaker drivers, the E11s utilise aluminium to house the 3-button microphone control, cable yoke and the 120 degree angled 3.5mm jack plug.

    Both the SoundMAGIC E11 and E11C are supplied with newly designed, silver plated copper cables which are surrounded in a flexible and tough, high purity TPE coating. The company asserts that this material is proven to have a reduced environmental impact when compared to commonly used plastics. Additionally, they claim that this upgrade to the E10 models helps to improve the durability, appearance and sound quality of the earphones.

    The only difference between the E11 and E11C headphones is that the latter comes with an in-line, universal, 3-button control, and microphone. The company's auto-switching functionality allows users to make calls and control their music on a wide range of Apple and Android devices. While most devices require consumers to buy a set of earphones specifically designed for its operating system, the auto-switching functionality allows users to connect the same set of headphones to either an Android or Apple device whilst maintaining full, in-line control support. Useful, for instance, if you own both an Android phone and an iPad.

    Of course, a lot of phones are now coming without 3.5mm jack support. Aware of this trend, SoundMAGIC is set to release two more versions - the E11BT Bluetooth earphones and the E11D Digital USB-C earphones - both set to arrive within a month after the E11 and E11C release.

    The E10 line of headphones will remain on sale. SoundMAGIC insists that the E11 range is not a replacement, rather a new line that will sit alongside the E10s.

    If you’re in the market for a new pair of earphones, and your phone still has a 3.5mm headphone jack, keep an eye out for these as they should hitting shelves soon.

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