SoundMAGIC E11BT wireless earphones launched

No 3.5mm jack? No problem. No 3.5mm jack AND No Bluetooth? Problem!

by Andy Bassett Jan 15, 2019 at 1:10 PM

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    SoundMAGIC E11BT wireless earphones launched
    Coming a few months after the company’s E11 and E11C earphones were released, SoundMAGIC present the latest member of their E11 earphone range for those with a Blue(tooth) disposition - the wireless E11BT.
    It might have happened a couple of years ago now but ripples from Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack would eventually become waves as other manufacturers followed suit and filled in the headphone hole on their devices too. Those waves could have created some choppy seas for consumers but luckily these waters are calming as audio companies are now falling over themselves to get inexpensive, quality earphone solutions to the market.
    SoundMAGIC E11BT

    One of those latest solutions is the E11BT earphone from SoundMAGIC which draws, like its siblings the E11 and E11C, on the classic shape of the well known and loved E10 models while updating it with a new design, improved materials, the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology and a battery life up to 20hrs.

    The re-design is based around a new silver plated copper cable, surrounded in a flexible, robust coating and joined together with a flat but pliant neckband section with balanced weight distribution aimed at providing longer periods of comfort. Built into this neckband, and aiding the weight distribution, are the two batteries which allow for the quoted 20hrs playback.

    SoundMAGIC E11BT

    The Bluetooth v5.0 implementation helps conserve energy to aid the battery life and also allow for a reasonable 13m transmission range.

    The E11BT housing contains the 10mm dynamic drivers and are ergonomic for comfortable positioning and also to direct the sounds to create a degree of audio isolation. They are made from aluminium to give a lightweight but robust casing.

    Armed with SoundMAGIC's universal smartphone control the E11BT pairs with both Apple and Android devices automatically and offers easy one-handed control of source music and phone calls with a 3-button control unit that allows users to control volume, track skip and play/pause as well as take calls.
    It also houses the Bluetooth transmitter and USB charging port.

    It’s becoming a crowded market but a retail price of £69.99 should ensure these earphones will fit the price point for many consumers interested in listening to music on their headphone jack-less phone or similarly afflicted mobile music player. Just make sure they're kitted out with Bluetooth first.

    Let us know if you’ve made a decision on what wireless earphones you’re planning on getting. Have you tried any out yet? If so, which ones gave the best account of themselves?

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