Sony Launch VPL-VW270ES, VW570ES and Laser VPL-VW870ES at IFA 2018

A 4K native model for every pocket?

by Phil Hinton Aug 30, 2018 at 12:16 PM

  • Sony has today announced a new line-up of native 4K HDR Projectors for the UK market.
    AVForums were invited to see these products ahead of their IFA 2018 launch at an embargoed event in Watford on the 9th of August. I was able to get hands-on with the new high-end VPL-VW870ES Laser projector and test it out with well-known review test scenes. These were final pre-production units so we didn’t measure them or conduct any review, as we will be waiting for the final production specification models to arrive before we review them.

    There is no doubt that Sony has been the only native 4K projector game in town for a number of years now thanks to their SXRD technology which they have ported over from the professional division. This has allowed the company to get a foothold firmly in the £5000 and above market with the only options for full native 4K images without any image manipulation.

    Watch our video with Sony Home Cinema Projector Product Manager, Chris Mullins.

    The new high-end VPL-VW870ES will retail for around £25,000 and that puts it firmly in the custom installation sphere, but the technology on board will no doubt start to make its way down the range over the next few years. The use of the ARC-F 18-piece all glass lens makes sure that the image on the screen is as sharp and detailed as possible, edge to edge, and the laser light source is capable of producing excellent colour and brightness accuracy. Our time spent with the projector was certainly an eye-opener with a stunningly cinematic image that had superb colours and deep blacks with excellent shadow detail.

    The interrogation scene from Oblivion is one that I have seen with the actual colour grader, and I use it in all my reviews, as I know exactly how it should be seen. The VW870ES didn’t break a sweat in its performance with superb shadow detailing and reproduction of the one key light, without over-brightening the shadows and blacks to reveal too much detail in the surroundings. Other scenes looked extremely cinematic and sharp, with superb colour accuracy and motion. We can’t wait to get this one in for more detailed testing.
    The entry point is now the £5000 VPL-VW270ES, which replaces the outgoing VW260ES model, and the mid-range will now feature the new VPL-VW570ES at around £8000. The VW570ES is a direct replacement for both the VW360ES and VW550ES models which are now discontinued. Both the VW270ES and VW570ES are bulb based projectors.

    All models now feature enhanced 4K features such as reduced input lag for gaming on the big screen along with 4K Motion Flow and Enhanced Reality Creation upscaling for HD sources. There is also a new HDR Reference preset on all the models, which is designed to help produce better tone mapping with 1000 nit mastered content. Plus, for this year, all the HDMI inputs are 18Gbps ready on all the projectors in the line-up.

    We are expecting to get the projectors in for review as soon as production retail samples are available.

    Here are the full details of the projectors provided by Sony UK.

    IFA Sony Booth – Hall 20 Messe Berlin – 30th August 2018
    Today, in time for IFA 2018, Sony has reinforced its range of Home Cinema projectors with the launch of three new models to further enhance the immersive viewing experience.

    The new projectors all come with evolved 4K Motionflow enabling smoother and clear motion by adding extra frames to reduce blur and maintain brightness, perfect for fast moving scenes such as sporting events. The three models also offer film buffs spectacular HDR (high dynamic range) images in delicate colour gradation thanks to HDMI 18 Gbps compatibility and 4K 60P 10bit processing. To meet the growing demand for 4K/60p gaming content, users can now enjoy faster response speeds with input lag reduction. This is combined with exclusive Reality Creation that analyses every element of an image to provide enhanced clarity and resolution without noise.

    The three new models announced are:
      ·The VPL-VW870ES - Sony’s latest premium 4K laser light source projector contains a prestigious All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens, an 18-piece all glass lens that ensures high precision in every corner of the image, yet within a compact and lightweight design. Alongside this, the addition of the “Digital Focus Optimiser” in the VPL-VW870ES provides refined image quality and accurate focus without distortion
      ·The VPL-VW570ES - The versatile model comes with enhanced features such as Picture Position Memory to quickly change the settings for ideal format including 16:9 and Cinemascope as well as high dynamic contrast by Advanced Iris
      ·The VPL-VW270ES - Bringing a breath-taking 4K HDR experience at Sony’s most affordable price point yet, including a new input lag reduction mode for gamers

      Christopher Mullins, Product Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe said “a growing number of our customers are not only using our home cinema projector range to enjoy the latest blockbusters in their living rooms, but are also enjoying immersive 4K visuals powered by the latest generation of videogame consoles. All three of our new models, from the affordable VPL-VW270ES, to the premium VPL-VW870ESfeature a new input lag reduction mode which dramatically improves the performance of the display reaction speed to ensure gamers can enjoy the best possible experience alongside the breathtakingly detailed image quality they have come to expect.”

      Product Details:

      The VPL-VW870ES is one of Sony’s most powerful home cinema projectors yet, producing stunning images, with a laser source with 2,200 lumens for spectacular brightness. This model also achieves high dynamic contrast through its dual contrast control engine powered by dynamic laser control and Advanced Iris technology.

      The VPL-VW570ES allows viewers to experience the true beauty of 4K HDR with 1,800 lumens of brightness with lamp and the newly adopted 4K Motionflow for natural motion. This model will succeed the VPL-VW360ES and VPL-VW550ES.

      The VPL-VW270ES is the successor to the VPL-VW260ES. This 1,500 lumens lamp projector includes many of the features of the other two projectors, including a native 4K SXRD panel, HDMI 18 Gbps compatibility, 4K Motionflow and HDR capability at a cost-effective price point.

      Both the VPL-VW570ES and the VPL-VW270ES come in black and premium white colours to fit into various home environments. Their compact size, 2.06 zoom and wide lens shift make them easy to install.

      The VPL-VW570ES and the VPL-VW270ES will be available from October 2018 across Europe while the VPL-VW870ES will begin shipping in November 2018.

      For more information visit

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