Sony dates Dolby Vision update for UK TVs

Better late than never!

by hodg100 Dec 19, 2017 at 12:57 PM

  • It’s been quite a long time coming but Sony UK has sent us word that the promised Dolby Vision HDR update for select Sony Bravia televisions is imminent.
    The update will be a gradual roll-out, beginning in the US before moving over to Europe and the UK from late January 2018 and continuing in to February before all the TVs receive the network delivered software upgrade. It will only be available to Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs with the flagship X1 Extreme processor.

    Sony first announced that some if its TVs would be updated for Dolby Vision compatibility at CES 2017, way back in January, so it will have been more than a year between announcement and fulfilment but, it appeared to us at the time, that Sony’s decision to jump aboard the Dolby Vision bus had been taken very late in the day.

    The full list of compatible models is as follows:

    Sony KD-77A1 OLED TV, Sony KD-65A1 OLED TV, Sony KD-55A1 OLED TV
    Sony KD-100ZD9, Sony KD-75ZD9, Sony KD-65ZD9
    Sony KD-75XE9405
    Sony KD-65XE9305, Sony KD-55XE9305

    As far as UK and Europe is concerned, Sony joins LG as one of the major TV manufacturers supporting Dolby Vision HDR – the new Apple TV 4K also does – but we wouldn’t be surprised to see more manufacturers announce their support at CES 2018, given the traction the format is gaining in the video industry as a whole.

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