Sony announces 55AG8 and 65AG8 4K OLED TV availability

More OLEDS - more choice

by Andy Bassett Apr 24, 2019 at 12:18 PM

  • First revealed back in January at CES, Sony’s AG8 range of OLED TVs are about to hit Europe with pre-orders available now.
    The AG8 series of OLED TVs consists of two screen sizes, 55 and 65-inches and features a panel with 8 million pixels to deliver the 4K image.

    The TVs come equipped with Sony’s 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor which brings to bear a trio of technologies - Object-based HDR remaster, Super Bit Mapping and Dual database processing - that work together to create a realistic image, regardless of the source. Whether watching from a live TV broadcast, a streaming service or using a Blu-ray or DVD the X1 Extreme processor checks the displayed content against a database of known images and makes necessary adjustments to ensure that it is providing the best possible image.

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) is supported by the Dolby Vision format which constantly analyses and adjusts the image on a scene by scene basis to ensure that the best brightness and contrast settings are used.

    Sony has implemented its acclaimed Acoustic Surface Audio technology in the AG8 models. This uses acoustic panels and creates sound directly from the screen which enhances the effect that the sound is generated from the on-screen images. Additionally, the AG8 stand can be rotated 180° to allow an extra soundbar to be additionally installed.

    The Smart TV experience is delivered via the Android TV operating system which allows access to a wide range of Google Play apps including YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Voice control comes courtesy of Google Assistant whereby simple vocal commands can change input source, discover new content or help plan the day.

    Note: Access to Google Play apps and Google Assistant may vary by region.

    The KD-55AG8 is priced at £2299/€2,649
    The KD-65AG8 is priced at £3199/€3,699

    Source: Sony press release
    Image Source: Sony

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