Sony 4K TVs judder issue with Sky Q Ultra HD

The curse of the early adopter strikes again

by Mark Hodgkinson Aug 19, 2016 at 10:54 AM

  • Members of AVForums owning both Sky Q Silver boxes and 2014 or 2015 Sony Ultra HD TVs are reporting some issues following the latest update from Sky.
    Multiple owners have reported that images will occasionally judder or stutter, at random points, with the only temporary cure, if they want to maintain a 2160p video output, either to switch inputs – and back again – or to power off and on, one or both devices. The other solution is to downgrade the video output to 1080p, or less, but clearly the 4K output of the Sky Q service will have been one of the determining factors in tempting owners of UHD TVs to sign up.

    The Sony TVs affected will have the product code X83, X85 or X9 with a suffix of B or C, e.g. X8505C.

    In a post on its web-based help site, Sony has acknowledged the issue, so presumably they’ve tested with the affected TVs and seen the problem, and have stated it will be resolved in a future software update, although they’ve not said when that might be. You can keep your eye on this page for further updates from Sony

    Ah, the joys of being an early adopter…

    Sources: AVForums, Sony

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