Sonos One speaker gets upgrade

Sonos One upgrade tip-toes onto market.

by Andy Bassett Mar 8, 2019 at 10:12 AM

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    Sonos One speaker gets upgrade
    Upgrades tend to be described in one of two ways - revolutionary or evolutionary. The Sonos One speaker’s recent improvements fall under the second category and ghost onto the market with little fanfare from the company.
    Sonos don’t release new products very often and when they do, many in the AV community sit up and take notice. With that said, adjust your excitment levels accordngly because the latest updates to the Sonos One are spec bumps rather than new feature additions.

    They include an improved processor, increased memory and the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You’d be hard pushed to notice any changes from either a casual glance or normal usage, although the ‘Second Generation’ aspect is marked both on the packaging and the speaker itself so you know which version you’ve just purchased - helpful.

    The increased memory and BLE are designed to improve the setup process with Sonos’ other products, such as the Beam, when using your phone or tablet.

    Of course, any internal increase in power or capacity could realise some additional potential further down the line, so additional features in future updates might not be completely off the table.

    The One speaker was introduced in 2017 and saw Alexa voice control being added to the speaker range and a recent patent filing from the company indicates further developments on the voice control front, though which products this may be applied to is not clear.

    The older Sonos One will still be available until it sells out, and at a reduced price of £179/$179. The new, second generation One is now on sale at £199/$199.

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