Sky to show F1 exclusively in Ultra HD

Formula 4K

by hodg100 Mar 20, 2017 at 2:55 PM

  • Sky Sports and Sky Q customers, with a 2TB box, will be able to view the upcoming Formula 1 season in 4K Ultra HD resolution
    The dedicated Sky Sports F1 channel is the home to the 2017 season, with every race, qualifying and practice session being broadcast live on the channel. When the lights go out at 06:00 on Sunday 26th March in Melbourne, Australia, viewers will be able to enjoy the race and every subsequent race in the extra detail and clarity of 4K Ultra HD.

    With the new season already proving to be an unpredictable one, Sky is keen to point out that it owns the only dedicated F1 channel. Sky Q customers can watch the race’s live coverage, alongside different race camera angles, replays and highlights thanks to the unique split screen viewing feature.

    2017 F1 schedule in full:

    • 26 March, Australia, Exclusively live
    • 9 April, China, Exclusively live
    • 16 April, Bahrain, Live
    • 30 April, Russia, Live
    • 14 May, Spain, Exclusively live
    • 28 May, Monaco, Live
    • 11 June, Canada, Exclusively live
    • 25 June, Azerbaijan, Live
    • 9 July, Austria, Exclusively live
    • 16 July, Great Britain, Live
    • 30 July, Hungary, Exclusively live
    • 27 August, Belgium, Live
    • 3 September, Italy, Exclusively live
    • 17 September, Singapore, Live
    • 1 October, Malaysia, Live
    • 8 October, Japan, Exclusively live
    • 22 October, USA, Live
    • 29 October, Mexico, Exclusively live
    • 12 November, Brazil, Exclusively live
    • 26 November, Abu Dhabi, Live

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