Sky to remove kids content from NOW TV Entertainment Pass

Sky gives and Sky takes away

by hodg100 May 4, 2016 at 11:19 AM

  • Sky has announced a new ‘Kids Pass’ for its NOW TV streaming service but perhaps they’re really taking away more than they are giving here.
    Subscribers to the Entertainment Pass - priced at £6.99/month and with access to all that good stuff from Sky Atlantic and more – already had access to a lot of what is on offer from the £2.99 per month Kids Pass save, from what we can make out, a new, child friendly user interface and some extra parental controls. The Kids Pass launches on the 21st of June 2016, at which time content from Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and The Disney Channel will no longer be available under the existing Entertainment Pass.

    To be fair, Sky is adding some content not presently available on the Entertainment deal, including shows from Boomerang, Cartoonito, CBeebies, CBBC, and Milkshake so it might be a decent deal for those of you with kids that aren’t obsessed with the output of Disney and Nick but since that’s where the majority of major US series are aired, it is going to mean extra expenditure for parents up and down the land; plus you can easily get the BBC and Milkshake content free from other sources.

    The new user interface is interactive with various new characters present throughout the viewing experience. It’s also ‘picture led’, in terms of navigation and there’s also a new favourites rail; the service learns what little ones like so they can quickly and easily access their most-loved shows. There’s a next episode auto-play feature, too, to keep up with the Netflix’s of this world. The parental controls include a screen lock to prevent little fingers accidently changing shows on a mobile or tablet; an ‘escape prompt’ which stops them from exiting the UI by mistake; and a parental PIN which allows parents to set restrictions on what they watch.

    Gidon Katz, Director of NOW TV, said: “We want to make sure that everyone in the family gets the best entertainment experience possible and that includes our younger viewers. We’ve created a vibrant, engaging world just for kids, so finding an episode of Dora the Explorer will be almost as fun as watching it. By creating a separate enhanced NOW TV Kids Pass our customers have even more choice when it comes to selecting the shows that are right for them, all with no contract.”

    Points we take on board, Mr Katz, but how many of you will reconsidering your Entertainment Pass now?

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