Sky Q Update Adds New Features

Q up the next episode more easily

by hodg100 Jul 21, 2016 at 10:25 AM

  • Sky Q is adding new features to make it easier for customers to find and watch their favourite TV shows.
    The update begins rolling out to customers from today (21 July 2016) and the brand new features include:

    • Auto Download Next Episode: When you start watching an episode from a series you’ve downloaded, if the next episode is available it will automatically start to download, so it’s ready when you want it.

    • Auto Play: Now when you get to the end of an episode, the next one will automatically start to play after 30 seconds. Press Select to watch immediately or Dismiss to exit.

    • Top Picks: Introduces more recommendations to the current On Demand offering, so with the best of live, future and Online Video now added, you should find it simpler to choose the next thing to watch.

    Luke Bradley-Jones, Brand Director of TV & Content Products, commented: “Sky Q is the next generation of TV viewing and the new features are about making it even easier for customers to find and watch episode after episode of their favourite TV series, the latest live sport, or the best of the web. So whether you’re watching Ray Donovan, The Tunnel, or the start of the Premier League season, we know customers are going to love the new updates. These developments are just the start of the exciting plans we have for Sky Q this year.”

    Other features introduced as part of this update are:

    • Series Record: When watching a recording of a show, if the next episode isn’t on until later that week you can use the Mini Guide to set a recording for the whole series.

    • Sports Featured: The new Sports Homepage makes it easier for Sky Sports customers to find the best of live and On Demand sports this summer.

    • Get to a specific place in a recording or download more easily by skipping forwards or backwards. Press pause and then swipe on the touch pad to move minute by minute, or swipe-and-hold to move to a specific time in the programme.

    • With PIN Protection for Online Video clips, you will be prompted for a PIN throughout the day to watch 18+ rated content with the Family Friendly setting on.

    The first software release to Sky Q will also see a number of software updates, improving in-home connectivity and other bug fixes.

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