Sky Q now standard for new customers

Out with the old and in with the new

by hodg100 Oct 14, 2016 at 3:44 PM

  • Sky is doing away with the their old Sky+ boxes as it phases in its next generation PVR – Sky Q.
    All new customers will now get a 1TB Sky Q Box with the option of the 2TB for an increased installation fee of £199, compared to £15 for the lesser specced model. For those lacking the required connectivity options, Sky+ boxes will be available but this is something of a landmark moment for the ‘Fluid Viewing’ concept Sky has been pushing.

    The 2TB box gives you the ability to watch on 3 TVs and 2 tablets, at once, and also to record 4 programmes simultaneously, thanks to 12 built-in tuners and 2TB of storage. The 1TB version lets you watch TV simultaneously on two TV sets and stream recordings around the home on one mobile device. Users can also record three different channels simultaneously whilst watching a fourth.

    In tandem with the Sky Q Box, the Sky Q Mini and the Sky Q Hub expand the possibilities further. The Q Mini boxes can be placed in other rooms and boast more or less the same feature-set as the Sky Q box, only without the built-in tuners; so you can watch any live, recorded or on-demand programming you like, anywhere in the house.

    The Sky Q Silver box launched in February 2016, added Ultra HD services in August and attracts a monthly subscription of between £20 and £38 per month.

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