Simaudio MOON 390 Network Player/Pre-amp launched

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by hodg100 May 30, 2018 at 8:28 AM

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    Simaudio MOON 390 Network Player/Pre-amp launched
    Simaudio’s new MOON 390 Network Player / Preamplifier is designed to offer a complete high-end listening solution.
    Featuring a DAC, preamplifier, headphone amplifier, phono stage and network streaming capability, the MOON 390 could be nearly all you ever need with the addition of a power amplifier or active speakers,

    Simaudio has used some of its existing tech by combining the functionality of the MOON 350P preamplifier and MOON 380D DAC with the new streaming architecture to create the MOON 390. The MOON 390 is designed to deliver a high-resolution streaming experience through music services such as Tidal Masters, Qobuz Sublime+ and Deezer Hi-Fi. The DAC architecture supports PCM (up to 32-bit/384kHz), DSD (up to DSD256) and is MQA certified. It is also Roon Ready and has Bluetooth aptX connectivity.

    The MOON 390 features the new MiND 2 streaming module. MiND 2 (MOON intelligent Network Device) allows the playback of all the most common file formats, including DSD and MQA (via local files and TIDAL Master files). The MiND 2 also features a USB host port, permitting access to music on USB thumb drives. Finally, MiND 2 will also stream any digital or analogue input of the 390 to other MiND 2 zones on the same network.

    The MOON 390 is available in a black, 2-tone, or silver finish, comes with a 10-year warranty and is priced at £5,300 in the UK.

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