Simaudio announces statement Moon 888 power amplifier

Need some absolute power in your life? Look no further.

by Ed Selley Jan 6, 2017 at 6:08 AM

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    Simaudio announces statement Moon 888 power amplifier
    Simaudio has taken the wraps off their latest power amplifier at CES 2017 and it's a serious piece of kit. The Moon 888 has been designed as the ultimate expression of what the company feels is possible in power amplifier design.
    Interestingly though, in the absolute sense of the word, the Moon 888 is not a clean sheet design. The circuit and fundamental layout of the unit is the same as that used in the company's other power amplifiers but scaled up and taken to the absolute limit of what Simaudio believes is possible. How do we know that it represents the absolute limit? The simple answer is that no price constraints at all were applied during the design and test period – the product would simply cost what it cost.

    The result is an absolute monster of an amplifier. A mono unit, the 888 develops – as the name suggests – a biblical 888 watts into 8 ohms; a figure that doubles into four ohms and then doubles again into two (that's 3,552 watts). While this is a heady number, it wasn't the primary focus of the design which instead concentrates on instant and effectively unlimited current delivery. The casework required to house this leviathan is enormous and Simaudio regards the Moon 888 as a four man lift.

    So; given that there were no cost constraints in the design, how much does the 888 cost? Short answer – quite a lot. A stereo pair will set you back $118,888 but having had a listen to them, they make a fairly strong argument that designing equipment with no concern for trivial details like budget, can produce something exceptional.

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