SHARP LV-70X500E 8K TV-Monitor Launching

Are you ready for 8K?

by hodg100 Apr 24, 2018 at 3:37 PM

  • SHARP Europe has announced the LV-70X500E, categorised by the manufacturer as an 8K TV monitor, although it doesn’t possess a television tuner.
    The LV-70X500E will be available in Europe near the end of April 2018 and sports 33 million pixels (7.680 x 4.320), four times more than 4K Ultra HD and 16 times as many pixels as Full HD. This ultrafine resolution results into a pixel density of 125 ppi in the 70-inch display of the LV-70X500Eso, even at very close range, the human eye can hardly make out individual pixels for super-sharp images and text.

    SHARP says the LV-70X500E has a lot to offer besides resolution and wide colour technology provides 79% gamut coverage of the ITU-R BT.202standard. The manufacture also claims the monitor possesses impressive contrast performance but hasn’t offered any numbers to back it up in this instance. The LV-70X500E supports HLG and HDR10.

    The LV-70X500E comes with eight HDMI inputs. Four are standard 2K/4K ports, the other four are reserved for bundled 8K input through 4 parallel HDMI connections. Still images in 8K can be viewed from USB storage media while the TV-Monitor will up-convert various content to 8K using its picture processing suite. The

    Since the onset of television technology, the goal was to create the perfect illusion on a screen. At the dawn of the HD era, resolution was mainly about sharpness. But sharpness must not be an end in itself. Current TV pictures don’t lack sharpness, they lack naturalness. Together with enhancing resolution, we also have to enhance color reproduction and contrast to get as close as technologically possible to a real life image,” explains Sascha Lange, Vice President Marketing and Sales Europe. “Also, resolution is relative to screen size and viewing distance. By quadrupling the resolution, the screen size can also quadruple and still offer the same sharpness at constant viewing distance. In the future, 8K will be the enabling technology to establish ever bigger TV screens in homes without sacrificing picture quality. With Full HD and 4K, a clear trend towards bigger screen sizes can already be observed in all major TV markets. 8K will allow this trend to continue to wall filling screen sizes that previously have been the subject of science fiction novels. “With 8K, displays with 70 inch diagonals like our LV-70X500E will become a standard size for the living room and much bigger screens will soon follow” added Sascha.

    While SHARP extols the LV-70X500Es virtues for gaming and watching TV or movies – despite the lack of any actual 8K content to view – it also points to its uses in other fields, including in Medical imagery where new levels of details can provide more accurate diagnostics. SHARP has started to provide 8K LCD-Monitors with Kairos Co Ltd., the manufacturer of an 8K rigid endoscope system

    SHARP is looking to address the lack of any 8K ecosystem and has already produced the world’s first 8K camcorder, the 8C-B60A that shoots native 8K video at up to 60 frames per second. SHARP says that other avenues are ‘being explored, be it storage or content distribution,’ which seems suitably vague.

    The 70” (177cm) LV-70X500E will be available in Europe starting end of April 2018 at a recommended retail price of 11.999 Euros.

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