Sennheiser headline Headroom Show with HE 1 world's most expensive headphones

Sennheiser HE 1 on demo

by hodg100 Mar 22, 2017 at 10:18 AM

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    Sennheiser headline Headroom Show with HE 1 world's most expensive headphones
    The latest in audio tech and gadgets will be on display at London’s Headroom Show this weekend, including the world’s most expensive headphone replay system, Sennheiser’s HE 1 which carries an eye-watering retail price of £54,000.
    The event, which will be enjoying its third successive year at Metropolis - the world’s largest independent professional recording complex which is ordinarily closed to the public - will also showcase a number of newly launched products from some of the biggest names in portable audio including, Bowers & Wilkins, Chord Electronics and AKG. Experts from each brand will also be on-hand.

    The star of the show, the Sennheiser HE 1 headphone system, will be on demonstration giving show-goers the chance to experience ‘uncompromising’ headphone performance from one of the industry’s established giants.

    Chord Electronics Mojo/Poly portable audio streamer and Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amp will also be at Headroom. The new Poly streaming module for Mojo creates, what they’re claiming is, the world’s first truly portable audio streaming system. Unveiled at CES 2017, Headroom is only the second time this compelling new audio solution has been shown to the public after appearing at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show.

    Another rather expensive product on display at Headroom is the Hi-Fi Man Shangri-La headphone system, which priced at $50,000 rivals the HE1 for the costliest headphone solution at the show. The Shangri-La introduces Nanotechnology to headphones for the first time with an ultra-thin driver so narrow, it’s invisible to the naked eye when side-on! With its dedicated tube amp, this is probably correctly described as an exercise in cost-no-object headphone design.

    Entry to 2017’s event, which runs from Friday 24th to Saturday 25th of March, starts at £10 with products on demonstration ranging from just £50 to £54,000, with everything in between.

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