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Select TV Set Top Box does everything

HD Gaming & Streaming services, PVR, Live TV, MS Office, Web browser and more

by Mark Hodgkinson Jan 5, 2016

  • We’ll admit that this one has passed under the AVForums radar thus far, but now Freecast has our attention as the company prepares to launch its multi-tasking, all-in-one entertainment streaming box at CES 2016.
    FreeCast will be featured at the ShowStoppers press event on Wednesday (06/01/15) night at the Wynn Hotel the company will unveil its long-awaited set top box, Select TV promises to revolutionise the delivery of the pay-TV industry online, by offering over 350,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, 1000 web channels, local OTA channels from the major networks, a full calendar of live events and concerts, over 50,000 streaming radio stations, music videos, games and more, from free, pay-per-view, and subscription sources, all for just $2.99 per month. Designed to deliver all types of entertainment content and serve as a hub for a connected home and a connected lifestyle, Select TV, they say, will turn any flat panel into “the Smartest TV Ever”…

    The device itself boasts a wealth of features found independently in other popular products including advanced DVR features (i.e. TIVO), an app and download manager (i.e. Roku / Apple TV / Fire TV), screen casting (i.e. Chromecast), true HD multiplayer gaming (i.e. Xbox / PlayStation), productivity tools including full web browsing, word processing and email experience utilising MS Office, support for external and cloud-based storage, as well as integrated popular home security and automation services invading this year’s CES.

    William Mobley, FreeCast CEO explained why his company’s presentation this year will be especially worth watching. “Select TV is one of the most eagerly awaited products out there. We’ve received unprecedented interest in it, and it’s clear why. It’s the ultimate media set top box, blowing the well-known devices from Apple and Roku out of the water. It’s beyond a simple app manager or set top box, It’s a full PC running Windows 10, so it really takes the entertainment lifestyle experience to the next level.”

    We know it’s only US only, at present, but this is one exciting sounding product.

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