Scansonic HD announce MB-1 B, MB-2.5 B, MB-3.5 B, MB-5 B and MB-6 B speakers

What do you get if you add speaker designs from three companies and mix them all together? It could look like the MB-B range

by Andy Bassett Jan 29, 2019 at 2:43 PM

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    Scansonic HD announce MB-1 B, MB-2.5 B, MB-3.5 B, MB-5 B and MB-6 B speakers
    The Dantax group of companies recently saw noted Danish audio brand Gamut join Raidho and Scansonic under the group umbrella. The resulting collaborations have resulted in the mixing of technologies across the brands. Now Scansonic HD’s MB series have been upgraded and optimised in almost all areas - the result is the renamed MB-B speaker range.
    Scansonic HD’s original MB series of loudspeakers shared design elements of the coveted Raidho range but at a fraction of the cost, delivering performance and affordability. So what improvements have been added?

    The top end in all the speakers still features the Raidho ultra-light ribbon planar tweeter, in which the membrane is formed by a Kapton-aluminum sandwich just 20 microns thick. The resultant low mass (approximately 50 times less than any conventional textile, ceramic, beryllium or diamond dome) translates directly into higher audio resolution and less material colouration.

    A new, low-loss spider has fitted to the midrange drivers and woofers. The results are greatly improved dynamics and expanded frequency response in the bass region - the spider describes the flexible surround that attaches the coil to driver’s metal basket. A side benefit of the new spider is that the break-in period is reduced by about 100 hours.
    The redesigned crossovers lead to a sound that is now more even and natural and the speakers themselves present a big and precise soundstage and boast superb timing due to all drive units being time-aligned at the listening distance.

    Turning to the cabinets, previously vented, these have now been replaced by a ported cabinet which is tuned for optimal impulse response, giving a more dynamic and detailed low-end. This also helps to make in-room placement of the speaker easier and more versatile. The cabinet’s internal construction has also been changed in order to optimize airflow which, combined with minimal use of damping-material, further enhances coherence, dynamics and detail of the low frequencies.

    With the new updated MB-B series, Scansonic has added energy, transparency and natural coherence in a room-friendly design.

    The Scansonic HD MB-B series is available now priced as follows (incl VAT). All models are available in either a black or white ‘silk’ finish.

    MB-1 B standmount mini-monitor
    (MB-1 single /twin pillar stand
    £1,899 excluding stand
    £499 / £599)
    MB-2.5 B 2.5-way slim floorstander £2,899
    MB-3.5 B 2.5-way slim floorstander £4,249
    MB-5 B 3-way slim floorstander £6,249
    MB-6 B 3-way slim floorstander £8,999

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