Samsung TVs to get HDR10+ Amazon on 13 December

HDR10+ makes its first meaningful move

by hodg100 Dec 12, 2017 at 1:49 PM

  • Samsung is (totally unsurprisingly) is set to become the first TV manufacturer to have HDR10+ content streaming on its TVs when Amazon Prime Video will go live with programming in the format.
    Owners of 2017 Samsung QLED TV and UHD TV will be able to see HDR10 Plus in action from the 13th December 2017, according to a press release on Samsung’s Korean website, although it’s not been made clear which territories will be enabled.

    HDR10 Plus is described in the release as a next-generation video standard technology developed by Samsung Electronics. Like Dolby Vision, through the use of dynamic metadata, it optimises the brightness and contrast ratio for each scene.

    With the launch of the service, Samsung TV customers will be able to watch Amazon's own TV and movie series 'The Grand Tour', 'The Tick', 'The Man in the High Castle' and more, and will be able to view over a hundred other shows from third parties - Google Translate was a little vague here but that’s how it reads.

    Samsung Electronics and Amazon are planning to gradually expand their HDR10 Plus content.

    "We're excited to be able to experience 'HDR10 Plus' content from Amazon video customers around the globe," said Greg Hart, vice president of Amazon Video. "We're excited to have'HDR10 Plus' Video which will open up a new era of entertainment. "

    "We will try hard to spread HDR10 Plus contents so that the original author can deliver the intact viewing experience to the consumers with delicate expressiveness and bright colour feeling," said Moon Du-chan, Samsung Electronics'
    [Note: these are also questionable Google Translates but you get the gist]

    The HDR10+ Partnership was announced in August 2017 in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox and Panasonic and is directly in competition with Dolby Vision. At present, Dolby Vision holds a major advantage in terms of industry support and, unlike HDR 10+ is part of the Blu-ray spec, but HDR 10 plus doesn’t come with any licensing fees so it’s possible it may gain more traction at CES 2018 and beyond; TPVision has already given its backing to the format for the Philips range in Europe

    The release concluded with the information that Samsung is pushing to build an 'HDR10 Plus' ecosystem which you can bet your shirt on that we’ll hear lots more on in Vegas.

    Source: Samsung Korea

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