Samsung offer 10 year protection against screen burn on Quantum Dot TVs

Apparently not just an OLED issue...

by Mark Hodgkinson Aug 19, 2016 at 10:54 AM

  • Samsung has announced a limited time warranty deal offering 10 year protection against the possibility of your new Quantum Dot equipped SUHD TV developing ‘screen burn.’
    Screen burn is a term referring to an effect where an after-image of something viewed on the TV remains visible on the screen long after it’s gone.

    It’s something more typically associated with plasma TVs and could potentially affect OLED TVs as well but, with the massive increase in light output available from HDR LED TVs, Samsung seems to think it may be an issue going forwards. We’re not sure screen burn has ever been raised as an issue with quantum dot technology, previously, and the cynical amongst you might suggest Samsung are highlighting a potential pitfall with OLED technology which is the main focus of their biggest rival LG's flagship TV range.

    The offer runs from 1 August 2016 up until 31 March 2017 through ‘qualifying retailers.’ You’ll need to register your purchase within 90 days from purchase to qualify.

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