Samsung MicroLED TVs to release in 2019?

The Wall Luxury comes quicker than many expected.

by hodg100 Jul 23, 2018 at 12:04 PM

  • According to reports in the South Korean press, Samsung is going to unleash its MicroLED technology on domestic markets in 2019.
    We saw MicroLED in action during this CES 2018 but that was with its commercial ‘Wall’ proposition consisting of multiple 46-inch panels. When we asked Samsung for a potential release schedule for domestic TVs, we were told it could be anything between one and nine years before we saw them.

    Han Jong-hee, head of Samsung's video and display business, said the new TV model will be named ‘The Wall Luxury’ and will be only 30 mm thick, compared to the 80mm of the commercial version.

    "The price will not be as high as people think," Han also said, which should mean that Samsung has solved some of the manufacturing and configuration issues it was facing. They could be delivered using a blue LED in each pixel and quantum dot red, green and blue filters. Alternatively Samsung might go for the full self-emissive option of red, green and blue quantum LEDs in each pixel.

    Micro LED can theoretically deliver deep blacks, a peak brightness of 10,000nits and the full Rec.2020 colour gamut. OLED currently offers the best picture quality but is unlikely to ever deliver a peak brightness of more than 1,000nits. It also has possible image retention, screen burn and lifespan issues, none of which would affect a Micro LED screen. So Samsung are obviously keen to get Micro LED to the point where they can produce the panels at a sensible price.

    The modular nature of the 'The Wall' also means that you could theoretically create a screen of any size or aspect ratio. Ultimately, Samsung plans to deliver a 75-inch 4K Micro LED screen.

    Source: Yonhap News

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