Samsung Micro-LED TV rumoured for CES 2018

150-inch M-LED set for demo in Las Vegas

by hodg100 Nov 29, 2017 at 7:55 AM

  • According to the Korean press, Samsung is planning to show-off a truly new technology for the home market at CES 2018, with a 150-inch TV based on its own Micro-LED research and development.
    Samsung’s refusal to adopt OLED as its premium TV tech is currently hurting them in the high-end market and it looks as though they are accelerating development of Micro-LED to regain traction at the top end.

    The technology is a refinement/miniaturisation of the company’s Cinema LED screens launched during CinemaCon 2017. Micro LED, like OLED, is a self-illuminating technology but promises longer life-span, better resistance to burn-in or image retention, an even lighter weight and lower power consumption while being able to illuminate more brightly, which will be a boon for HDR.

    Micro-LED should also improve black levels (over LCD LED), contrast performance and viewing angles and, with them being in-organic and therefore more stable, it should eventually make them cheaper to produce than OLED.

    A Samsung TV official in Korea recently said: "If micro-LED TVs are fully commercialised, we can solve many shortcomings such as lifetime, burn-in, and brightness of existing premium TV products.”

    The major problem in adapting the Cinema LED tech seems to be in making it small enough to fit in to a TV that you could comfortably put into a typical home but we’re sure they’ll get there sooner rather than later!

    Source:ZD NET

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