Samsung launch their Q Smart TV Platform at CES 2017

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by Steve Withers Jan 17, 2017 at 10:52 AM

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    Samsung launch their Q Smart TV Platform at CES 2017
    Samsung have updated their Smart TV platform for 2017 and launched their Q Smart system at CES.
    The system is similar to last year's Smart Hub but adds a number of new features. First of all Samsung have added an IR blaster, which means you can put the One Connect box away in a cupboard if you like. The One Connect box itself now connects to the TV using a fibre optical cable that is almost invisible when you wall mount the TV. The One Controller has also been redesigned but can still be used as a universal remote controller. There is now full voice control, even for calibration, and you can use voice to control connected third party devices.

    As with last year, any connected device will be automatically detected and setup, allowing control via the One Controller. You can also control, either via the remote or using your voice, the channels on different service providers and the most viewed channels can be quickly selected from a list down the left hand side. The new system was demonstrated by Samsung and although it was very US-centric in terms of channels and content, it gave us an idea of how Q Smart will ultimately work once the new range of QLED TVs are released in March.

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