Samsung Galaxy Note III passes 10 million sales

S Pen blessed device becomes Samsung's 14th, 10 million+ selling 'mobile phone'

by hodg100 Dec 10, 2013 at 10:48 AM

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    Samsung Galaxy Note III passes 10 million sales
    Samsung has announced that their latest phone/tablet hybrid device, the Galaxy Note III, has become their latest product to pass the 10 million sales mark.
    The first in the series was something of a surprise hit but also went on to join the ’10 Million Club’ as Samsung put it. The Note 3 has been on sale less than two months and, for comparison, the Galaxy Note II, had only reached the 5 million sales barrier by the end of its second month on sale.

    Whether the 10 million figure for the Note 3 is sold through to customers or just shipped is not made clear by Samsung but, whatever, their popularity as a device type is clearly on the up.
    Selling twice as fast as the Note II
    Samsung accompanies the news with an infographic showing the history its 10 million plus selling mobile phones, starting with the clamshell SGH-T100 and progressing right through to the Galaxy S4 and Note III. They have 14 so far, what will be the next?

    Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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