Samsung announce first HDR LED Cinema Screen

The future of cinema?

by hodg100 Mar 29, 2017 at 9:36 AM

  • Samsung is set to unveil its latest visual display blockbuster, the new Samsung Cinema Screen.
    Samsung will formally debut the cinema LED screen at a series of preview demonstrations during March 27-30, 2017 at the Cinemark Century Orleans 18 and XD Theatre, located inside The Orleans Hotel & Casino. The premiere will coincide with the neighbouring CinemaCon 2017 conference, the largest gathering for the worldwide motion picture theatre industry with attendees from more than 80 countries.

    The 34 foot Samsung Cinema Screen delivers images at true 4K (4,096 x 2,160) resolution and the screen, says Samsung, also exceeds the DCI specifications used to ensure a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability, and quality in digital cinema. As a result, the new Samsung screen’s performance promises to surpasses traditional projection-based technologies’ visual capabilities.

    As the popularity of advanced at-home entertainment systems and streaming platforms increases, theaters must reposition themselves as a destination for an incomparable viewing experience that consumers simply cannot encounter anywhere else,” said Sang Kim, Vice President of Samsung Electronics America. “Our new Cinema Screen technology brings a more powerful and high-quality picture to the big screen, creating an environment where viewers feel as if they are part of every scene.”

    The Cinema Screen’s direct-lit LED technology delivers High Dynamic Range (HDR) to the cinema, showcasing on-screen contents at a peak brightness level nearly 10 times greater than that offered by standard cinema projectors (146fL versus 14fL or 500 nits compared to 48, in TV parlance) with improved uniformity and free of optical distortion and interference. Samsung also promises it offers a highly accurate and superior colour presentation. Complementary ultra-contrast and low tone grayscale settings enable the screen to showcase both brightest colours and the deepest blacks at a nearly infinity:1 contrast ratio.

    The innovation present in Cinema Screen will be matched with an innovative audio solution powered by Harman Professional Solutions’ Cinema Group (a recently completed acquisition) and Samsung’s Audio Lab. Details will be forthcoming about this combined evolution in cinema “Sight & Sound.”

    The launch of our cinema LED display is merely the latest step toward our vision for a complete end-to-end theater experience powered by digital signage,” said Seog-gi Kim, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through modern technologies ranging from touch-screen self-ticketing kiosks to digital concession menu boards and interactive movie posters, Samsung already is helping theaters improve customer engagement and boost operational efficiency. We look forward to continuing to serve as a total solutions provider for the theater industry and finding new and exciting ways to improve the customer experience.”

    The Samsung Cinema Screen is currently undergoing the DCI certification process and recently completed compliance test at Keio University in Tokyo.

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