Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch 23rd February

Growing number of leaks and rumours mean new flagship phone has to be imminent

by Mark Hodgkinson Jan 21, 2014 at 11:19 AM

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    Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch 23rd February
    The previously reliable editor of a Russian mobile phone site has (apparently) revealed Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy S5 a day ahead of MWC.
    The Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona on the 24th February but Samsung aims to get a jump on the competition with its own special event on the 23rd, according to the Twitter feed of @eldarmurtizan.

    Murtizan was spot on with the launch date of the Galaxy S4 last year, so it’s likely the information is correct and it would certainly be no surprise were it to be so.

    The Tweet didn’t reveal an awful lot more other than the fact the S5 will come with a new TouchWiz interface and he intimated that the current round of rumours, concerning specs, were correct.
    New Home Screen shots have also been leaked

    As you would expect, the internet is rife with spec speculation but there are strong rumours that Samsung will ‘do an Apple’ by releasing two versions of the phone – one a slightly cheaper plastic model with the other a premium device made from metal.

    It’s not certain if there will be any under-the-hood differences, however, but the screen resolutions, for each, look set to be a very tasty sounding 2,560 x1,440 at 5.25-inches with AMOLED technology driving it.

    Similar to the S4, it is believed that the Galaxy S5 will feature a choice of processors, dependant on the model chosen, with 64-bit Exynos 6 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 both available.

    We guess all will be revealed on the 23rd February.

    Sources: EVLeaks & @eldarmurtizan

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