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Rumour: Google Nexus 8 set for mid 2014 release

Supply chain rumours indicate an expansion to the range

by Mark Hodgkinson Jan 22, 2014 at 10:42 AM

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    Rumour: Google Nexus 8 set for mid 2014 release
    According to sources in the upstream supply chain, Google is to expand its Nexus range of tablets to include an 8-inch version.
    Or at least that is the case according to rumour-loving site Digitimes.

    The expansion plans have apparently been concocted in an effort to stave off competition in the 7-inch Android tablet market, which has seen numerous entrants bringing out respectable devices at lower price-points in recent times. Demand for the second generation Nexus 7 has apparently not been as great as for its predecessor.
    Nexus 7 2013 Edition not selling as well as the original

    The 2013 edition of the Nexus 7 retails for around £199 with 16GB of storage but faces massive competition from the likes of Tesco’s hudl which, whilst slightly lower specced, only attracts a price-tag of £119 but is sufficient for many people’s requirements.

    The new model is apparently slated for a mid 2014 release with current R&D partners ASUS again involved.
    It's sure to be Spectastic!
    We’d expect the Nexus 8 – if it is to come to fruition – will boast an impressive spec sheet and both Intel and Qualcomm are reportedly vying to get their processing chips in there.

    There has yet to be a successor to Google’s larger-form Nexus 10 announced which launched in October 2012 and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the new device matching its 2560×1600 pixel resolution display

    Digitimes sources say they expect more concrete news to emerge in February 2014 and Google, of course, declined to comment.

    Who likes the sound of a slightly larger Nexus tablet and what specs would you like to see included?

    Source: Digitimes

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