Remote only NVIDIA SHIELD TV announced for £179

SATV Vs ATV 4K to-to-toe

by hodg100 Sep 22, 2017 at 8:27 AM

  • A new version of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is up for pre-order today (21 September 2017) as NVIDIA is, quite transparently, setting its device directly against the newly announced Apple TV 4K.
    The 16GB 2017 SHIELD TV previously retailed at £189 but that comes with both a (rather lovely) games controller in addition to a more standard TV-style remote. NVIDIA has now added the option of leaving the games controller out of the equation for a reduction of £10 of the SRP, making it £179 and thus going directly against the 32GB Apple TV 4K, which carries the same suggested retail price.

    It’s a move many would consider long overdue as the SHIELD TV has gone on to be a wildly popular media streaming device, in its own right, but NVIDIA has been very keen to extol its virtues as a gaming device and has seemingly been reluctant to shed the games controller from the package. Perhaps a mere £10 reduction off the price seems a little stingy, however, considering the controller sells for £59.99 on the UK NVIDIA store…

    NVIDIA has produced a useful, if slightly SHIELD TV-centric, comparison chart which you can see below:
    NVIDIA Shield TV (2017)
    Points of discussion on the table should probably include the fact NVIDIA class its voice search as superior, prior to the launch of Google Assistant and have put a tick in the iTunes for Music box when it requires you to sync your iTunes content to either Google Play or Amazon Unlimited Music accounts. The private listening plus point is also questionable, given that you need a games controller - or the previous gen TV remote - for that and it remains to be seen how well supported the ATV 4K is with software updates by Apple although, admittedly, previous gens haven't been all that well backed by Cupertino. On the other hand, NVIDIA could probably have made more of its 23.976Hz video output, which is important to videophiles.

    In other SHIELD TV news, there’s a new movie/TV streaming App in town with the launch of CHILI Cinema with its major selling point being the availability of films to stream closer to their cinema runs than many other apps. At present there’s no Ultra HD streaming option (‘just’ 1080p) but 4K streaming is being investigated. Later this year users will also be able to purchase cinema tickets (incl. streaming rights once released) and movie merchandise directly through the app.

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