Quadral announce Chromium Style Hifi/Surround Speakers

by hodg100 Jun 18, 2015 at 9:02 AM

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    Quadral announce Chromium Style Hifi/Surround Speakers
    We’ve just been sent word by Quadral of their new CHROMIUM STYLE range of loudspeakers.
    The range consists of 4 products, the Style 8, Style 6, Style 2 and Style 1 (Base).

    Quadral is very proud of the new “genuine” ribbon tweeter with an aluminum membrane, which they promise guarantees exceptionally low distortion ratings and produces fascinatingly fine reproductions - now there’s a phrase.
    They are also using ‘extremely powerful’ neodymium magnets and a transducer with a sintered, high current ferrite core. A 6-inch woofer (2x in the Style 6) promise deep bass from a slim housing and the entire range is available in a high gloss varnish finish of black or white.

    In case you were wondering, the white speakers come with a white front grille and they’re all equipped with ‘premium’ gold plated stereo connection terminals. The speakers also feature a Titanium coated membrane for even more precise, detailed sound reproduction

    Specifications and pricing below:





    TYPE 3-way 2-way 2-way 3-way
    Principle Bass reflex Bass reflex Bass reflex closed
    Nom/Musicpower (W) 140/200 110/170 60/90 100/150
    Frequencyresponse(Hz) 32...55.000 35...55.000 48...55.000 55...55.000
    Crossover frequency
    340/3.400 3.400 3.400 300/3.400
    Efficiency(dB/1W/1m) 89 88 86 86
    Tweeter(ribbon) aluminium aluminium aluminium aluminium
    MidrangeTitanium-PP 155mm 2x155mm 155mm 155mm
    Woofer Titanium-PP
    Weight (kg) ca. 2.180mm (MT/Wo) (MR/Wo) 155mm
    Dimensions(HxWxD)cm 100.6x20.85x34.35 90x16.85x28.35 30.9x17.65x26.85 15.63x48x26.85

    Pricing as follows: Style 8 £1,750.00 Per pair; Style 6 £1,395.00 Per pair; Style 2 £795.00 Per pair; Style 1 £495.00 each.

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