Qobuz Android App now supports 24-bit Audio

Android 5.0 edging ahead in the audio stakes?

by hodg100 Jun 18, 2015 at 3:20 PM

  • Qobuz is making Hi-Res 24-Bit streaming possible in a world premiere with the latest version of the Qobuz Music app on the Play Store - available now.
    By updating the Qobuz Music app for Android, users can subscribe to Qobuz Sublime and (on smartphones that support the format, with Android 5.0 obligatory) stream 24-Bit purchases in Hi-Res, up to 192 kHz. It will also be possible to find information within the application regarding the availability of Hi-Res albums as well as their speed and sampling frequencies. All purchases made by Qobuz users can now be downloaded without encryption, facilitating transfers between computers or music playback via other music applications.

    With the latest Qobuz Music update for Android, it will also be possible to immediately change the quality of streaming during playback by clicking directly on the currently displayed streaming quality.

    On the mobile version of qobuz.com (accessible on all smartphones) it has been made easy to buy Hi-Res albums with the addition of a link for direct access to the album purchase page. Once the purchase is completed, an automatic redirection will be done to make it possible to enjoy the purchased album directly within the application (either for download or streaming). Visual adjustments have also been made to maximize the readability of the application and fix minor bugs.

    Qobuz Music for iOS 3.0.4 on iPhone and iPad

    The new iOS version 3.0.4 of the Qobuz Music application allows Qobuz subscribers, as well as persons who have made download purchases on Qobuz, to listen to their music within the app and benefit from digital booklets even in offline mode. Qobuz offers access to digital album booklets directly in applications and provides supplementary data, documentation and editorial elements for artists and/or albums which are otherwise unavailable on other online music services.

    Moreover, tutorials demonstrating the different features and innovations of the application have been created, improving overall user-friendliness. Some minor bugs have also been fixed.

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