Pro-Ject unveils completely new DS2 range of components

Loads of features and wooden side cheeks – where do we sign?

by Ed Selley Jan 6, 2017 at 7:27 AM

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    Pro-Ject unveils completely new DS2 range of components
    While the HiFi section of CES 2017, which is primarily held at the Venetian Hotel, features some seriously pricey product, the majority of material breaking cover is somewhat more terrestrial in price.
    Pro-Ject has taken some time out from designing budget turntables to tweak their DS range of compact audio components. The new models – all termed DS2 – form a complete range that offer considerable functionality. The most notable improvement, shared by all components, is the move to casework that is more in keeping with the top-of-the-line RS components. To give the DS2 line a distinctive twist, all components are available with some distinctly retro wooden sidecheeks in a variety of finishes – although they aren't mandatory.

    The range itself covers most of the bases with a power amplifier paired with a choice of analogue and digital preamps. There is a standalone DAC with high res and DSD support, a CD player and a choice of phono stages – one with a valve based circuit and a solid state one that includes some impressively extensive options for ripping vinyl to digital formats. Despite a complete system of DS2 components costing less than some of the cables in use in systems at the Venetian, the sound quality from the system running in the Pro-Ject room was extremely impressive. The complete range arrives in the UK very shortly.

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