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PlayStation 4 HDR (4.0) Software Update now Available

A new era in PlayStaion gaming

by Mark Hodgkinson Sep 13, 2016 at 11:17 AM

  • The PlayStation 4, version 4.00 (codenamed Shingen) software update is now available, bringing with it the capability for High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming and apps, as well as refreshed UI and a host of other features including new Quick and Share Menus, Library improvements, and more.
    Version 4.00 will allow all PS4 consoles, including the new slimmer PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro to support High Dynamic Range imaging technology. Users who own an HDR-compatible TV will be able to enjoy supported games and other entertainment content with visuals that are more realistic, vivid and truer to the way the human eye sees the real world.

    The new user interface adds new system backgrounds, updated system icons and revised pop up notifications and drop down menus to make things (hopefully) clearer. The Quick Menu has been redesigned to now cover only a portion of the screen and you can customise it to access your most used features.

    Sony has also added a range of shortcuts to the most commonly used settings, allowing you to do things like invite friends to a party, or check out which of your friends are currently online and see what games they’re playing. One new addition to the Quick Menu that wasn’t featured in the beta program is an enhanced Music section to allow you to discover, play, and control Spotify or the USB Music Player without needing to open the Spotify app so you’ll now be able to play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat and save songs whilst still in the game, which is nice.
    The Quick Menu has also been made smarter, so that it offers you options most relevant to what you’re currently doing. If you’re broadcasting your game online, for example, it’ll automatically place the options you’re most likely to need – adjusting audio levels or checking comments – on the Quick Menu for you. It’ll adjust the options accordingly in other scenarios too, such as regular gameplay or when using Share Play.

    The update also supports the creation of custom folders that can be added to both the main home-screen and your library and will store as many games and apps as you wish.

    The ‘What’s New’ features has also been redesigned and now includes more information about what your friends have been doing on PS4. The left column includes the new Activity Feed, which has larger images and options to like, comment or re-share. The right column includes sections for Now Playing, Trending, Players You May Know and Who to Follow. The Content Info Screen has been given a similar redesign, which you can access by pressing down on a game tile while on the home screen. You’ll be able select from a variety of options to view a game’s Overview, Trending media, Friends and Communities, Activities and related PlayStation Store content.

    Profiles have been revised and updated to provide more relevant information and comparisons about the games you’ve been playing, the trophies you’ve earned and the communities you’re active in. You can now also personalise your profile with a cover image.

    In order to make it easier to get all of your data from one PS4 to another, especially useful if you’ve upgraded your system to PS4 Pro, Sony has added the ability to transfer data over a wired LAN connection. You can transfer games, user info, and saved data.

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